factotum hoax on ebay?? (1 Viewer)

A few of us e-mailed the seller at the time and he seems fit to deceive at this point. People see the money and cannot bring themselves to stop the auction. I just e-mailed all bidders to let them know that they are bidding on a 100% fake and painfully bad forgery at that. If he cannot stop it, I will. It is at $71 now. Check back in a bit and see if anyone has dropped their bid!

I see two people are going to keep this safe. It is up to $1000. The only problem with this is when the winner does not pay the $1000, he will go to #3bidder and offer it for a GREAT price of only $200.

Still it is funny.

Great job!

Or maybe he'll get the point and not try to play it off as genuine. Probably not, but at least now it's a problem for him. Hopefully bidder #3 (and 4 and 5...) will smell something fishy and pass.
That's just great what you're doing guys! The seller should have pulled that auction long ago. At least people can see your e-mails and hopefully stay away from this seller next time he shows up.
C. Bukowski ? - My hairy ass...
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ok,.. Ive got the "sig" down pretty good and the "little man with the bottle" is almost there....wonder what I can get for a signed "come on in" w/art??? (hard cover of course)
Ha-ha, that's funny! I'm sure somebody would go for it not realizing it's a posthumous book...
Maybe the Factotum guy would be interested. Then he could re-sell it for a nice profit...:D
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