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Everything works fine on my computer. It is just on my phone that the videos on buknet don't work. I'll see if I can figure out how to clear the cache as you mentioned.
If you tap the little gear icon to go to settings there should be a section called "Storage." In there is a "Cached data" link and if you tap it it will ask if you want to clear cached data.

I don't know if that will help, but it could.
I can't replicate the missing video issue in any browsers or on any handheld devices...
I suspect it's a browser issue, but I can't find anything about it in the XenForo forum, and it seems like something that would have been a topic of discussion for this version of the software if it was a widespread forum problem.

If I could get it to happen somewhere I would look at a few things to try to fix it:

Flash (is it blocked? Is it loaded?)​
Cookies (are they accepted from third parties?)​
Mixed content (does the browser report "mixed content," which can block some content)​
Other than that, I'd try different browsers, etc. I don't think there's anything I can do or change on this end though. Sorry.
talking of embedded videos:
it's not important in that particular case, since I've already got the soundbits I liked.
But maybe interesting for technical reasons - could it be, that this error-message, that I get has to do with it? Or is it merely (as I expected) one of those damn German copyright-issues?
Hey, just a suggestion: There is a character limit when you search the site and you have not put enough characters into the search box. I assume this is to prevent huge stress on the server when somebody enters something like "Buk". But other times, a 2-word search is prevented when those are exact 2 words.

Thanks for all the upgrades!
The search will be updated to the other search engine we were using (Threadloom) as soon as they release a version that will work with this version of the forum.
What's the deal with these "Enable moderation" and "Select for moderation" buttons?

What's the deal with these "Enable moderation" and "Select for moderation" buttons?
I think they've always been there, but they're more visible now. As you can see, they don't really do anything unless you're a moderator, so I'm not sure why they're even visible outside of the moderating group...
There should be some kind of indicator there for active or long-time members, but I'll be damned if I know what they should say.
I've never watched SOA and it doesn't sound like my kind of series, but I did like the idea of batches that have a hidden meaning only known to mambers of "the gang".

Maybe we can find similar things out of the Bukowski-world.
(Like "Most beautiful woman in town" - or better not. No I'm sorry. I apologize. Just imagine the former "first-9" to wear that batch!
Or have members with fewer than 100 posts labeled "Jimmy the Dwarf"! No, No, I'm sorry.)
Yeah, I liked that they weren't really obvious descriptions too. I thought about Bukowski-related things, but they're all pretty long. To keep these on a single line they need to be 16 or so characters.

We could go back to using those SOA descriptors, they would just be in text form. I got the images to work in this new version, but they break pretty badly when you look at a thread on a phone or small tablet.

SOA [...] doesn't sound like my kind of series
Try the first season, you may change your mind.
Try the first season, you may change your mind.
I may.
Alas, I'm not much into violence and fight for power, be it the Rennaicance-Borgias, a biker-gang, the mafia or your president.

Just remember, that one of my favovite movies is 'The Last Unicorn'.
Yeah, I'm soft, maaan.
Yeah, I liked that they (SOA descriptors) weren't really obvious descriptions
They were not, indeed. I only learned today that Sons Of Anarchy is an American television series, and that those badges were obviously related to it...

The concept of "Active members" and "Well-known members" was unclear, at least for me. "100+ posts" and "1,000+ posts" is more convincing. The overall look of the forum and its functionality are great. Clearly the work of a pro.
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I've done some major messing around with the user group permissions, so if you notice that something doesn't work the way it used to or the way it should, please let me know.

The post number tags under your username may be screwy for a while, I'm working on that.
The post number tags under your username may be screwy

They're accurate though. I mean, if you have more than thousand posts you sure have more than hundred.
Or was it the other way round? Stupid math...

BTW, some old links don't work anymore:
Problem with links.jpg

Here's a case in point. Maybe a magical script by mjp can fix those links.
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Update today with a couple hundred little fixes.

I forgot to mention that the fancy cloud search we had before wasn't compatible with this version. But they are releasing a compatible version at some point, so we'll get it back. At some point.
I thought the same thing. But I guess you have to delete and re-create the bookmark to change the note.
Upgrading the php version used on the server. The forum may disappear for a minute or two, but it will be right back.
Here's something that some of you may find useful (I know I will). Post bookmarks:
There's a kind of major forum software update coming soon, and it has a built-in bookmarking function, which is great, but unfortunately I will have to disable the current bookmark feature, or else the built-in bookmarking in the updated forum will not work.

So if you use the bookmark feature now, you may want to go in there and copy your bookmark URLs and save them somewhere so you can re-do them in the new forum. Once the forum is updated your current bookmarks will not be available.

I don't know exactly when the software update will happen, but probably some time in January.

A great tool. It would be even greater if you could edit the "Note" in the Bookmark list to correct mistakes.
You will be able to do that with the new built-in system after the update.

One pretty cool thing in the update will be the option to receive "push notifications." Meaning the forum will be able to annoy you with popup notifications on your desktop or phone whenever someone calls you a name or posts a picture of a spray painted cock or something.

A few other things will be coming, like post "reactions" similar to Facebook, etc. So when you hover over "Like" you'll have options other than just "like."

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