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The forum software has had an upgrade. This version is only a release candidate (which means it's not the final final version), but the thing was there and so was I, so here we are. So to speak.

Most of the changes are moderator, admin and performance related, but you filthy commoners will also notice some changes and/or new things:
  • New message editor interface
  • Message editor saves what you've typed every 60 seconds (no more lost posts)
  • Quote height is now limited, so you have to click to read long quotes
  • You can "watch" forums and get notifications when there's a new post
  • Responsive theme for tablets and phones (click the "Bukowski" link at the bottom left corner and choose "mobile")
  • If you type @ plus the username you can make a link to the user in your post and notify them that you mentioned them
  • Signatures are now only available to people with more than 50 posts
Just FYI, here are some of the usergroups and what they can (and can't) do:

Can read all public forums, can't really do anything else.
Can read and post in all public forums, 30 minute post editing time limit.
Registered Users With Posts (two or more posts)
All Registered user permissions, can edit profile, can @tag users in posts (limit of 2 per post), 60 minute post editing time limit, can use private messaging (messages limited to five recipients) and make profile posts.

50+ Posts
All of the above, can @tag users in posts (limit of 5 per post), can add a signature.
500+ Posts
All of the above, can add custom user title, 24 hour post editing time limit (to allow for "morning after" edits).
Was the "log out" part of the drop down on the user name before? Had to look for it. Took all of 12.897 seconds. I'm totally shattered. (Just saw the draft saved thingie happen.)
Maybe I just haven't logged in enough lately to know where everything is/was. I always seem to get that panicky feeling when I can't figure out how to leave.

Even facebook is different. I go out for a few hours, come back, and the digital world has altered.
I should just learn to relax.

BITCH 1010542_576642708_n.jpg
I just realised I've got 444 points on here. In cricket parlance that's a quadruple Nelson. Apparently cricket was popular in Philadelphia for a while and Bukowski lived there for a while too. Admittedly that's a pretty tenuous link.
[...] 24 hour post editing time limit (to allow for "morning after" edits).
this is a very valuable option (esp. in my case).
Only, I see a problem coming, when people have already answered to a post for a couple of hours and all of a sudden, what they were talking about just changes into something different.
Yeah, that's a possibility. That's why the editing limit has always been a much shorter period. But if someone has more than 500 posts I suppose we have to start trusting them at some point. ;)
The site is much more responsive on my phone now, which I'm currently using to type this.
Cool. The mobile theme is a big improvement for anyone checking in on a small screen. Only drawback is when you come back on a computer web browser, you're still in the mobile theme and it fills up the entire browser. Which some people won't mind, but stretching text out too wide makes reading difficult.
So...the little banners under some user names ("Forum Staff", "O.G. - Charter Member"), yeah or nay?

I am on the fence.

They are based on user groups. If people like them, we could have more. Or we could have less. Or zero.
So...the little banners under some user names [...]
they're - esp for newbies who don't know anything about the who's'who of the forum - informative and thus useful.

But it seems to me, there would be a - ehm - let's say - more subtle way to give away the info.
So...the little banners under some user names ("Forum Staff", "O.G. - Charter Member"), yeah or nay?
They look good. Add some bling to the conversations and some authority, too. Now if hoochmonkey would start acting tougher ...

Maybe a banner for awards points, too (over 50, over 100, etc)?
Bitch I will cut you. Hard style like.

I like the info being there- but the presentation (most likely due to the limitations of the software) sits in my anus like a dead fish.

That's the saying, right?
well, if you want to rub people's noses in the fact they're not charter members, it's perfect!

(he said, still bitter that he missed being a charter member by a day or two... )
I like the blinginess[?] too (I like to feel special you know), but agree that the O.G. one will look better if toned down to match the site.
To me the lower banner would be cleaner if it simply said "Charter Member." You probably have your reasons for liking the term 'o.g.' but to me it mostly signifies the sad time when hip-hop took a gangster turn.

Also seems like there should be something in it for integral members like roni, erik, d gray, black swan, ponder, bos, bukfan, digney, etc. Maybe all the 3-years and under crowd should throw you old-timers a luau-themed party complete with leis and limbo and limbo and coconut bras:


, or maybe a pajama jammy jam ("Everyone in onesies!" ...


). I'll be in charge of the grill. My pork chop marinade with apple cider vinegar and thyme is rumored to satisfy.

Or in the meantime maybe there could be a designation for "thousand pointers"?
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The look to me like scout badges-which isn't bad just wish there were more to earn-you know in a how to make the site more interactive way.
Can we call under 100 posts fresh fish??
I think a Bukowski allusion rather than OG would be better
just wish there were more to earn...
Well, we could have 20 of them, but it would make for a long name space there next to every post.

Besides, when something is hard to get, it seems more valuable.

But you've inspired me to change them. I will base the new titles on Sons of Anarchy patches, to further alienate everyone.
A 24 hour editing period. That is a gift from heaven. Bumping it up from a half hour to an hour would have been huge. This is something I really, really need at times, to keep from being a jackass. Thank you, mjp. I will try to use it responsibly.
I will base the new titles on Sons of Anarchy patches

Which is what they initially made me think of. Maybe the new badges make it look a bit too much like a SoA fan forum. Still, good for a laugh.
I don't think most people who wander in here - or, as they like to say, stumble across - the forum will make any Sons connection. I'm sure a lot of the regulars don't know where the titles come from. I'm sure the novelty will wear off eventually and we'll go to something more descriptive.

But Reaper Crew might have to stay. Just saying. ;)
looks great. Just one more question. Can we make it so that all three of my blackberries buzz, jiggle, and play the theme song whenever something relevant happens? I live to get notifications via technology.
I kinda like being called a Man of Mayhem, one of the Unholy Ones. :p
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