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And finally, as George Harrison warned us, all things must pass, and it looks like that includes the Bukowski scribbles that have graced the forum descriptions for a long time...

(playing devil's advocate) They're more "Windows 10-y" than (outdated?) Bukowski doodles.
Yet I'm all for doodles - they make the look of this place specific/distinct and unique.
It's always been a hack to make those doodles work, and the hack doesn't work on the updated software. I've tried half a dozen different approaches and none of them have worked.

It's not trading one thing for another. It's just the way of all software, isn't it. It changes whether those changes are necessary or not.

I like some of it - like the "like" options.
Upgrade has been done.

Push notifications have been activated. If you enable that you'll get notified of your alerts here in the forum on your computer desktop or phone even if you aren't logged in. That's optional, of course, and it is OFF by default.

New "like" options, which you can see if you hover over the "Like" link.

You can bookmark posts now, just click the little ribbon thing at the top right corner of the post, to the left of the post number.

And we now support emojis, which is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on where you stand as far as emojification is concerned. They are available at the old smiley link when you're typing a message.

There are some other changes too, most of which you probably won't care about.
It took me an hour to log in, allegedly Firefox was declining cookies from the site (and I've put The Forum on the list of exceptions*).
*and I don't block the third-party cookies to boot
I want to blame the latest version of Firefox (64.0.2) for this, but it worked well (cookies were accepted and all) before the forum upgrade.

Anyway, if you see I'm absent that's because I'm either dead or can't cope with Firefox, forum and cookies.
P.S. Or I'm sleeping through the winter like all the decent folks on this side of the iron curtain.

P.P.S. I see that bukbot is alive and well and probably is doing some checking.

P.P.P.S. I'm getting seasick, thanks to all these circular windows Buks (and other avatars) are peeking through.
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I might have mentioned a while back that the people who make this forum software vowed that they would never have a dislike option, and technically they still don't. This is a customizable system they've built, so you can add whatever kind of reaction you'd like. By default it does not include dislike, but I figure dislike has its purpose so I added it.
FYI, I was unable to log in yesterday because I was told via error message that I had to accept cookies even though my Chrome settings indicated that I was allowing cookies. For what it's worth, that seems to have cleared up overnight.
It seems to work: for the first time in last five days I don't have to log in again after my browser/computer had been turned off and then on.
Thank you very much.

There's another glitch though - I keep seeing Bob all over the place. Maybe it's just me (being obsessed with Twin Peaks and all). ?
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Well now, I'm not gonna talk about Judy.
In fact, we're not gonna talk about Judy at all, we're gonna keep her out of it.
There was a double posting problem (under some circumstances), and I think it's been fixed. I'll have to see if that error shows up in the logs again.
And of course, as I tried to post that message I got the error. Restarted the server and it should be okay now. Which is what I said last time, but just pretend everything's fine.
It might require the forum software to reverse itself and start moving backward in time.

Or I can figure out how to hack it again, but I'm afraid that task will have to get in line behind some other more pressing technical matters.

Like rewriting the entire database (as well as half a dozen other sites) to work with modern technology rather than the 20-year-old version they're currently using. The host is phasing out support for the ancient version(s) in a few weeks so I'm currently relearning how php and MySQL work together.

It feels the way it felt looking at Windows for the first time and trying to figure out how to change the time zone for the clock when you only just learned how to use a mouse 15 minutes ago. Something like that.

It's not fun, it's not funny. But feel free to laugh.

Okay, it's not really like looking at Windows for the first time, a SQL query is still a SQL query, but everything else is different.
Just pretend the last 16 hours never happened.

Because as far as the forum is concerned, they didn't.

If you posted something earth-shattering during that time, you may want to repost it.

If you signed up for the forum in the last 16 hours you'll have to sign up again.

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