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Yes, First 9 are charter members (first month, I think...things were a little slow around here), so that one can't be earned. ;)

Reaper Crew and Unholy Ones are difficult to earn, but not impossible. They might involve killing someone for the club.
Not for nothing but can I get my bobbe posts patched over to Short Bus? That prospect moniker sticks in my craw-despite being the author of my own fate sort of speak.
I know what you mean, since malaprops like sort of speak stick in my craw too.

But I think you asked for the old user account to be deleted, so I'm afraid I can't merge the old with the new, since there's no "old" anymore. The posts are still here, but since they are not attributed to an active user, they can't be salvaged.
I just realised I've got 444 points on here. In cricket parlance that's a quadruple Nelson. Apparently cricket was popular in Philadelphia for a while and Bukowski lived there for a while too. Admittedly that's a pretty tenuous link.
Dear Bruno, have you seen the thread I created named "Pictures of Philly and Possible Bar Too"? Go check it out. It's under the main title of 'All things Bukowski.'

So like.What are you guys talking about?

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