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She has been cutting edge.
No, no. Always a follower, that one. She popularized (some might say sanitized) some club-centric, obscure music, but she - and her producers, who are really responsible for the sound of the records - have innovated absolutely nothing. Unless those big cone bras are an innovation. I guess you could argue that one.
Anything is possible, Child, anything at all. . .

Let's make things nice and sparkling clear. Buk would most definitely have puked in his mouth on his birthday. Especially when considering Madonna. Think about what he said about a legend such as Dylan. Now think about a useless fucktard such as Madonna. So, I puke one more time in my mouth, this time on defense of the Madonna statement and Sean Penn, for that matter.

Bugger the whole lot. I never really understood that whole thing, but I give Buk the benefit of the you know all that. For me, I don't get it.
I only posted that because Gerard mentioned he was scared of offfending people.

But I do seriously admire Madonna as a person if not a musician. She did things her way, just like Buk. Lots will disagree but I consider her a feminist.

I'm sure Buk wouldn't mind mention of her, he wrote about her in Hollywood-Ramona, I think.
Madonna...and Sean Penn...I never really understood that whole thing...
Bukowski was proud of the fame he achieved (though he was always self-deprecating where it was concerned). You can see that by how many times he wrote and talked about being listed in Who's Who In America, for instance. Famous people - whoever they are - fawning over you and wanting to be your "friend" reinforces those feelings of fame and importance.

If David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson had been hanging around, I think he would have treated them the same way, written about them the same way, and posed for the same pictures. Not that they were a couple (were they?), but it was the first B-list names that came to mind.

Dan Rowan and Ruth Buzzi...I dunno. Pick your own unlikely pair of Bukowski pals.
... Think about what he said about a legend such as Dylan. Now think about a useless fucktard such as Madonna.

"Madonna acts like she has just discovered sex and she keeps hitting you over the head with it."
(letter to John Martin. Jan 24, 1992 / Reach for the sun, p 218)
"Sean tells me that he last talked to Hank two weeks ago, at which time he invited him to come to this very cemetery for the filming of a scene in the movie Sean is now directing. But Hank declined. Probably his health was already relapsing and he didn't want anyone outside his family to know. He was only back in the hospital a week or so before his death."

(from Gerald Locklin: 'The funeral of Charles Bukowski' in: 'A Sure Bet'.)

roni is to drinking what Columbus was to reaching India. - or something like that - or the other way round.
Little did I realize it was his birthday yesterday. Ironically I did watch the Bukowski Tapes too. I had a rumonade but it was for myself. But had I know I would have toasted to him.

I wasn't aware it was his birthday, but instead of the Bukowski Tapes, last night I watched ... Henry & June. Wrong writer Guess that makes me a traitor. I did read from PULP, so maybe I can be forgiven.

No, wait a minute, I worked on a story about Bukowski, for BUK SCENE 2 (hopefully, if the editors don't bounce it), so I did spend some time thinking about Bukowski.
Here in Arnhem,
we are drinking a few glasses (bottles) of red wine to honor Buk,
although Ponder is treating a painful knee bursitis. No need to say that he is not following the doctor's recommendation. Well, it's party time for Hank, what the hell could be wrong with that?

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