Happy Birthday Hank !


Usually wrong.
Little did I realize it was his birthday yesterday. Ironically I did watch the Bukowski Tapes too. I had a rumonade but it was for myself. But had I know I would have toasted to him.

I wasn't aware it was his birthday, but instead of the Bukowski Tapes, last night I watched ... Henry & June. Wrong writer Guess that makes me a traitor. I did read from PULP, so maybe I can be forgiven.

No, wait a minute, I worked on a story about Bukowski, for BUK SCENE 2 (hopefully, if the editors don't bounce it), so I did spend some time thinking about Bukowski.

Black Swan

Abord the Yorikke!
Here in Arnhem,
we are drinking a few glasses (bottles) of red wine to honor Buk,
although Ponder is treating a painful knee bursitis. No need to say that he is not following the doctor's recommendation. Well, it's party time for Hank, what the hell could be wrong with that?


"So fuck Doubleday Doran"



"The law is wrong; I am right"
Happy Birthday, Hank! I hope you'll get as drunk celebrating your birthday as we will.
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I was curious as to who Hank shared his birthday with (Ted Hughes is one btw), and came across this...

'Juliette Kayyem Government 16-Aug-1969 Counterterrorism wonk'

What the hell is a 'wonk'?
It sounds like something Peter Sellers would have said in the Pink Panther films.

Sorry, I digress...

Belated Happy Birthday old (dead) man!
The dictionary spits out dweeb, nerd, grind, swot. That's a wonk. The best in the classroom who has no friends.
What the hell am I doing here? I'm not even a native speaker.
Happy birthday, Buk!
I'm going camping today. Hope I don't get lost in the woods like that story in Women.
I'll drink a few for the old man.