Happy Birthday Hank !

Black Swan

Abord the Yorikke!
Tomorrow, August 16th is Hank's birthday! Happy 97th, Hank! you're still the best!
In the morning, when I cut the grass, I'll leave tuffs here and there, just for the hell of it.
And I'm gonna have one of these in your honour, maybe 2 more...

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happy birthday, Hank
I'll never forget when I read about Hanks death in the newspaper,
yes, there was no internet, then,
I read about Hanks death in the newspaper, yes, there was no internet, then
True. No internet.
But if you've been into it and quick enough, you'd manage to videotape (VHS) at least 4 different TV-stations on the very day spreading the news.
(All this "buziness" while you were weeping!)

But anyway:
Today's his BIRTHDAY!
Let's celebrate!
Hi Roni,
the newspapers headlined Buk's death in germany - for that day at least -

Buk was REALLY great in german bookstores in the 80s,
even the tiniest bookstore in the city sold Buk books,
these tiny white Buk poetry books were everywhere, and people bought them ...
Buk's poetry then slowly vanished in the 90s
and today there are no bookstores any more

probably Carl Weissner saved Hank's life,
at least economically.
well, Carl is dead now a couple of years, in Mannheim,
... and I never said this while he was alive,
and Carl's translation sure made him better marketable in Germany,
but sometimes Carl didn't really transform Buk's brittleness and sensitivity into the german language,
instead emphasizing the wild, battling Bukowski instead.