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Rereading Reach For The Sun I find this one:

"Adam Green is the author of Crazy Straws and Broken Hearts: A Cartoon Collection (Chicago: Paranormal Press, 1992) and of What Were You in a Previous Life? New York: Thunder's Mouth Press, 1993

[To Adam Green]
January 4, 1993 10:52 PM

I get 4 or 5 books in the mail a week, most of it self-published and unbearably, unbelievably bad. They fall out of my hands like the pieces of shit that they are. So, I opened your book and expected more of the same old ... And was delighted and shocked at the newness, the unique angle of thought, the humor through truth, what a ball! Thanks Green. It's been years, maybe decades since anything has astounded me. For Christ's sake, don't get killed by some woman or by the driving in traffic or by ...
Keep it going. You got it all. Don't let them take it from you. Don't let fame ore dame mutilate you. If you're lucky, the former will arrive late.
I can't belive you are as good as you are but you are.
What a blast of light, motherfucker!"

(p. 270)

This seems to be very unusual criticism of a fellow writer from B., doesn't it?

Which leads to the question: Who the fuck is Adam Green?
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It does seem atypical of Buk, but of course, there were some writers he actually liked. Since this letter was written only just over a year before he died, maybe he had lightened up a bit? Then again, the first two sentences of the letter belie that. Dunno...
This is a great review from Amazon:

June 20, 1999
By A Customer
This book was funny. It made me laugh. I said haha when I read it. It had funny pictures.

But it does look good.

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