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ok bukowski.net people, I'm in!, now will you take the bright lights out of my face. i must say, some of the banners aimed to your new registeriees seem a little AOL'ish and the freakin smiley faces. This is a sight dedicated to Charles Bukowski, the beat poet of the 20th century and all that jazzy stuff. (just found out about him yesterday but I'm a fast learner) and you give your members "smilie face" icons to express themselves; as if words just aren't available or something. Not at all what I thought I would find after viewing the documentary yesterday which, I may add, brought me here in the first place. Nonetheless, I totally get the shades of grey thing!

I am visiting your site to locate a poem I heard in the documentary. It spoke of hate being someones finest art.

when I heard it, it immediately made me think of my last 4 relationships spanning over the past 25 years.

If anyone has information regarding the title of this poem, I would appreciate your telling me.

I'll be back
The title of the poem is "Genius of the Crowd". There are a few threads here about it. I know that the fullk text of the poem is even listed on this site. Also, thereis some discussion, but Buk was not Beat. He did not consider himself a beat and he is usually lumbed in with them as people like to have boxes to classify people. He was a poet, but not beat. ;) :( :confused: ;) :eek: :cool:


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