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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
Got this poetry book in the mail today.

Thank you Hosho, for your poems & original hand painted cover.

Thank you Bill, for the beautiful linen hardcover.
26 different front covers

Here is my front cover.


I'd like to see some other front covers. If you feel the need to upload them, I'd appreciate it.

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yes please post your front covers. i was too too late to get the hardcover. So I would love to see the other covers. I did order the softcover and have put my request for future hard covers. Live and Learn.:)
All of the covers are very similar. They were done to all look alike with only small variances because of the hand painting....

It reminds me of Flower, Fist and Bestial Wail - in a good way. Anyone else see that, or am I hallucinating (again)?

It reminds me of Flower, Fist and Bestial Wail - in a good way.

hell yes!
but it holds so much difference (color, very abstract) - i'd say it's permitted.

could also be a sun rising out of the darkness.
that's what i thought.
Read half the Hosho book last night and it is very solid, strong writing. And the book is so gorgeous, even more in person than in the photos. I was surprised by its heft. You must be using good materials, Bill, nothing cheap and flimsy about it. I'll post a picture of my copy later. I notice it's not a signed, lettered edition although there are 26 hardbound copies. Is there a story behind that, Bill? Of course, the author has painted his "H" on the cover, so it's signed in that sense. Happy as hell I got a painted hardcover.
Hi mjp;
No problem. I saw the similarities too, but am not even sure that Hosho has ever seen the copy of Flower, Fist. He certainly has read Buk, but is not a collector.

Hey David,
Yeah, we had him sign the "h" on the cover, but did not have him sign the pages. It was more a matter of time. While he was painting, I was getting the guys ready. Then, once I received the covers back, I started to bind them. I figured that with a signed painting, that this would trump a signed, lettered any day.

i got mine today as well... it shocks me that this book only cost $20. i feel like i scammed bottle of smoke somehow to get that deal.
Hi Jordan;
Yep, you people scammed me. These books cost me about $2000.00 each. This is why I'm selling those beer stained coasters from Specs for $333,333.34 each. A brother's gotta make his money back somehow.

Actually the bookboard, cloth, etc were pretty expensive. In the end, I probably made a buck or two per copy. Still, I'd rather put out a book that I'm happy with and not make much money than put out a book that I didn't believe in and make thousands.


mine came today and it's sweet as hell. great fucking work bill.

shame that hosho guy is such a jerk.;)

I'll scan my hardback copy tomorrow and post it.
Cool Pictures. Thanks Bill. I got mine today too. Although it's the soft cover it looks great. Nicely done Bill, nicely done.
And the Poetry by Hosho is great. I really like them.
Cheers to you both.
Did I say thank you.:)
Thank you!

And you are on the list for the next hardbacks. Pretty soon I'll have to make more hardcovers or they will all be pre-reserved and none will be available outside of the fine folks that want every hardback....

What to do?

Eeees boootiful, no ?

The winos who run the hotel where I live close the
office for mail, so I get everything the next day.

Here's mine:


Thanks Hosh.
And thanks Bill, for your love of Writers.
Just wanted to say thank you all, so much, for the kind words. When I opened the package from Bill & saw the first hardbacks I simply couldn't believe what I was looking at...I was mouth-agape awestricken. They were just so beautiful...

& hearing they've been well recieved makes me very, very happy. Bill told me there's not a single thing about the book he wasn't happy with...& I have to agree. I think they came out great. Y'all have made my day!


PS- The similarities with FLOWER, & FIST are purely accidental...it's meant to be a sun going down in an arid/desert like region--you know, where you get those crazy heat lines & the round sun goes elliptical as the light bends through the atmosphere...the black is meant to be a horizon--just as in the paperback version...

I'm the publisher of this book. The hardback is sold out, but the paperback is still available along with other fine books of poetry and short stories....

If interested, please visit www.bospress.net.

Bill: The paperback cover is great. Who did the design on that -- you or Hosho?

Hi David,

me, me, all me!!!!

No really. Hosho hit me with the idea and provided the graphic sun for the cover (I made it into a lincut and letterpressed it) He picked the colors and thought of the half page design. I typeset it and printed it.

So, I would credit Hosho as the designer.

All best,

just wondering...is Hosho McCreesh your real name?

I can answer that, knowing Hosho well (he came out to Delaware with the lovely Ms. Babineaux and spent a long weekend with my family.)

Yes, Hosho McCreesh is his real name. And the first "H" is silent. I don't know if he has a middle name.

All best,

It's always too late for a BOSP hardcover. You have to have ESP (or be on the mailing list) to know about them, and even in that case if you don't buy in the first 30 minutes you're probably out of luck. Which has to be a publisher's dream.

I got Father Luke, but not Hosho. Sadly, my BOSP hardcover collection will never be complete. I'm watching eBay! ;)
If anyone that wants all of the hardbacks, please e-mail me at [email protected] and let me know. Then I will put you on the list for the hardbacks. At that point, you will be notified before it is announced. Once I have about 25 of these "requests", I'll either have to increase the number of hardbacks or will stop announcing them at all as they will already be sold out to folks that know that they want them, sight unseen. There are not that many spots left, so I need to rethink my ability to produce more hardbacks.

I would need to hire someone to help me with something like this. It takes about 2 hours total per book to get these ready.

50 hours is one thing, but I cannot find anyway to scare up another 200 hours do to this. Plus, I cannot see the demand for 126 hardcovers. 50, yes. Maybe slightly more...

I don't know how to do all that fancy quoting here--so, forgive me.

Bill & I talked about how to do the paperbacks...but a rough thumbnail & some paper colors doesn't a designer make...I'd say BILL is most responsible for how great everything looks--I just chipped in here & there.

Hosho McCreesh is my real name. For you back alley types I'll say that my name comes from a Navajo woman who was a kind of mid-wife for my Mom while she was pregnant with me. It means "the feeling you get when watching a beautiful sunrise" in Navajo. Pronounced: Oh-Show. I actually have 2 middle names (in case I didn't like going by Hosho).

As to what Bill should do about the Hardback situation: I think 26 - 50 is perfect...if Bill can make them. He's a BUSY BUSY man!

As for me: I'll be buying BoSP hardbacks sight unseen...& likely reading copies so I don't junger up the HBs!
I would need to hire someone to help me with something like this. It takes about 2 hours total per book to get these ready.
I wish we lived on the same coast. You'd have a free bindery assistant. I have a lot of bindery experience! Ha.

Since I sold off my letterpress stuff I feel like something's just not quite right with the world.

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