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Hi. I'm entering a textile design contest where the theme is to design a fabric repeat based on a poem. I've decided to do mine on Bukowski, no particular poem, but the man himself. I wanted to pick your brains on what kind of imagery conjures Bukowski to you? I have the usual suspects in mind that epitomize the hard living he was famous for: booze, smokes, betting stubs, envelope, ham on rye - but what about more lyrical imagery, like a blue bird..? I'd love to hear any thoughts you might have on this.

P.S. I will not win this contest or even come close. I'm not even sure what I'd do with the fabric when it's done.

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No way! I was going to enter a competition just like that too! What are the chances?
Hmmm... Booze, Smokes, Stubs, Envelopes? Sure. Ham on Rye... Nice idea!! Thanks!

But, well, I'm keeping my ideas secret, sorry

Edit. Oh my.

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sounds interesting.

read something about him and his life and go with what resonates with you.

and show us what you come up with.


A bluebird would work really well. That poem captures a lot about the man himself. If there's a chronological order to your series of images, maybe use a typewriter at the beginning and a PC at the end ? And instead of simple betting slips, show his appreciation of the beauty of the sport itself with multi-colored patterns (like those on jockey silks) or a silhouette of a thoroughbred racing horse.

Now, take my two cents and put it on the 4 horse in the 2nd race to WIN. :)
try someway dinosauria, we. that would be hell of a design. :wb:

"Born into this
Into hospitals which are so expensive that it's cheaper to die
Into lawyers who charge so much it's cheaper to plead guilty
Into a country where the jails are full and the madhouses closed
Into a place where the masses elevate fools into rich heroes..."
Buda: that would require a post apocalyptic toile methinks. And yep, if I could pull that off, it would be a helluva textile design! Dinosauria tea towels anyone...?

I really love your idea about the jockey silks number6. I kept picturing that tired old LA modern aesthetic, but that's a much better springboard to bounce off of.

I also keep thinking I need to incorporate a lawn mower somehow. Is that iconic enough to resonate?

For what it's worth, I know a Bukowski fabric is a completely absurd idea. But I like absurd.
If I were you, I would include things which will resonate thru the eyes of someone who's not familiar with Bukowski's works at all. In this sense the lawn mower would be a miss of a great opportunity even though it is iconic in my view as well. Don't afraid of absurd ideas. The best things mostly resulted from the worst circumstances.

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You could have grassprint all over a dress, a razor strop as a belt and a tiny bukowski with a teenie weenie lawnmower as a belt buckle . :-))

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