In what order did you read Bukowski's novels? (1 Viewer)

Post Office
Ham on Rye
Factotum (in progress)

I can definitely see the progress from earlier works to Ham on Rye -- looks like he wanted to spell out all the stuff he had implied about Chinaski's past and his nature in one book.

Waiting on copies of Pulp and Hollywood to arrive, so not sure. Probably do the latter next and end on his final book.

Sitting on a copy of his first book of poetry, but that will take a bit more determination; I'm not as big a fan of poetry.
I'm sure the world is dying to know in what order (and in what year) I had read Buk's novels (for the first time), so here it is:

1. Women in 1984
2. Ham on Rye in 1986
3. Factotum in 1987
4. Post Office in 1989
5. Hollywood in 1990
6. Pulp in 1996
I saw Born Into This a few months back and knew I had to read his stuff.

Read so far in this order:
Ham on Rye
Post office

I have Factotum, Hollywood and Pulp ready to go in this introductory phase. Can anyone recommend a book of Mr B's poetry I could sink my teeth into?
1. Post Office
2. Factotum
3. Pulp
4. Women
5. Ham of Rye
6. Hollywood

Poetry/short stories/letters, who knows. Just keep reading them over and over.

@Observation.B - For poetry you may want to start with Love is a Dog from Hell, The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over the Hills, or Mockingbird Wish Me Luck.
Yes, forgot to mention the posthumous collections are problematic. I don't have the "Martinized" article on hand but I sure mjp or someone can direct you to it.
@Observation.B , there's a handy poll where forum members voted for their favourite books...

Love Is A Dog From Hell got the most votes for poetry collections. Good place to start.
Thanks guys. I will search for 'Love is a Dog From Hell'. Cheers.

I forgot to mention - That is one heck of a poll. I will endeavour to read as much as that as I can. I really dig his shit.
You'll get this sort of thing when you ask for opinions, but I would consider Burning in Water Drowning in Flame to be his best volume of poetry. Then again, Love is a Dog... isn't far down the list for me, so maybe save a gem or two for later.
I will endeavour to read Burning in Water as well if I can find it. If I can't I expect you will send me a personalised copy with a round trip to las vegas. Haha bitches. No seriously I'd be just happy with a hard copy sent to my door for all the effort I've put into signing into this god damn site. God owes me one.
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When I read his books, the order I read them in was: Factotum, Ham On Rye, Women, and then Post Office. I still haven't read Hollywood and I think it will be a while until I do. I always have to read other authors before coming back to Bukowski.

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