Movies - Top 10 of all time

Buffalo '66
400 Blows
Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels
Breaking Away
Blue Velvet
Taxi Driver
Night of the Hunter
Pulp Fiction

Best docs:
Born into This
Dead Man
Apocalypse Now
Fear & Loathing
Le Charme Discret de la Bourgeoisie
Easy Rider
I'm Not There
No Country for Old Men
Aguirre, the Wrath of God


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Hey fatal, nice to see Dead Man, assuming you mean the one with Johnny Depp on someones list, great friggin movie! Stavrogin, did you see the brown bunny by Gallo?
Yes, the one with Depp in. It's possibly my favorite movie of all. The Neil Young score is pretty tidy too, Iggy Pop, William Blake, it's great.


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Yes, one of my faves of all time too, and of course Crispin Glover is in it, and well, that just makes it all the better. Anything Crispin Glover does is A-OK in my book, even when he's in shitty big budget movies like Charlies Angels, I'll still watch just for Crispin.

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Maybe there could be a Crispin Glover thread. He has done some good roles and he has done some great characters as in River's Edge. He pissed off Letterman in a 1987 interview to promote the movie River's Edge a very depressing movie about a true story.

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I didn't want to dwell on the guy by posting the YouTube of the incident. He did go back on the show 3 yrs. later but that 1987 interview made the Top 10 worst guests.
I saw it when it happened and he was an asshole.

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He was (allegedly) appearing in character - as Ruben from the (as then) in development movie 'Rubin and Ed' - but I think that went over Letterman's head.

I remember Glover being on 'The Last Resort with Jonathan Ross' (which was really a UK facsimile of the Letterman show) around that time, with some of his art curios - even when not in character he was a weird guy :D

Edit: He went back on Letterman a few weeks after the 'kicking' show with some of his artwork too - its on YouTube, but it really isn't as interesting as I remember


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I just looked at mine from a year or so ago and boy... was I drunk? I mean, I've never been drunk, but that list... Hm. Maybe I was trolling for attention? Anyhow, here's a mostly better list (in no real order):

There Will Be Blood
Taxi Driver
Requiem For A Dream
The Incredibles
Pulp Fiction
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
American Beauty
Ghost World
Blazing Saddles

But that'll change eventually... I could do TV series too! Dare I start THAT thread up? I might...
Stavrogin, did you see the brown bunny by Gallo?

Yep, and enjoyed it. Though I thought for a time yelling "The Brown Bunny" would clear out a crowded movie theater quicker than yelling "fire." Like Gallo, he seems bug-shit crazy and I always find that endearing.

Black Swan

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here are some of my favorites, but I have a hundred more.

The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros
Nobody Knows
Old Boy
Schultze Gets the Blues
Wild at Heart
Buffalo 66
A Beautiful Mind
It's all Gone Pete Tong
The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada
Zorba the Greek
et La Strada
El Norte


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I have tried for months to figure this out... Like many, my list of fave movies would go way beyond 10, so here's my current favorite 10, ahhhh, this was hard, but in no particular order...

Ed Wood
Harold and Maude (maybe tied with ed wood for #1 of all time for me)
Sweeny Todd
Heathers (Dear diary, my teenage angst has a body count) Maybe best line ever!
Clockwork Orange (still not sure why my parents let me see that at such a young age)
The Departed
What's Eating Gilbert Grape
Shaun of the Dead
Edward Scissorhands
What no Tarkovsky?

Watched the "Stalker" just recently and the movie blew me away. While he's definitely not for everyone, I personally consider him one the greatest artist in cinema.

[This video is unavailable.]


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Don't know, but there are 17 on the list from the last 20 years, that are also on the top 100 of all time.

Lazy Fuck

Hello everyone. New here. This is my first entry. It seems I have nothing better to do so I registered. This is the first thread I checked.... I'm a lazy fuck who Finds comfort in Bukowski's writing.

Some films I found compelling, perhaps some Buko-fans will too. I'll spare you the obvious classics like Nosferatu and The Age of Gold. These I've seen at least 20 times. Each.

A Love Song for Bobby Long
Wonder Boys
Little Miss Sunshine (gotta be the best film in hmm... 20-30 years?)

fuck... I'm too depressed to think. Well, see these three 20 times and you've got well over a 100 hours of sumthing-to-do. Enjoy.

Lazy Fuck

Thanks guys, already feel like a part of the big happy Buk-Family. About the top flicks:

Lean: Everything, fav. Lawrence of Arabia
Jarmusch:Everything, fav. Dead Man
Tarkovski: Everything, Zerkalo fav.
Kubrick: Everything, all fav.
Bergman: Everything, Det sjunde inseglet fav.
Allen: Everything, Annie Hall fav.
Von Trier: Everything, Antichrist fav.
Lynch: Everything, Lost Highway fav.
Polanski: Everything, Pianist fav.
Haneke: Everythin, fav. Der siebente Kontinent

There are just too many... and I'm not even mentioning Finnish cinema (btw. check out Klaus Härä's Letters to Father Jaakob)

I also gotta mention Ki-Duk Kim's Bom yeoreum gaeul gyeoul geurigo bom, which was quite important to me as well as Shawshank Redemption since 'get busy livin or get busy dyin', 'that's God damn right'.
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Hard choice but here's some of my favourites:
2001: A Space Odyssey
Eight and a Half
Shaun of The Dead
Reservoir Dogs
Dawn Of The Dead
The Good The Bad And The Ugly
Taxi Driver
2001: A Space Odyssey - could have easily listed this one in my top ten but didn't (listing a favorite top ten is an exercise in error anyhow). The effects still look amazing to this day 40+ years since release.

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you can't?

start a "10 worst movies of all time" thread and i'm sure it will show up.
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