My novel ANONYMOUS compared to Bukowski!

This is a very happy moment for me as Publishers Weekly Starred Reviewed my novel ANONYMOUS. Read review here:

"This novel from Tanamor is a winning jumble of the gritty, the raw, and the grotesque. Set in a prison, the book follows three inmates—Unknown (in for fraud), Ambiguous (in for murder), and Stud (in for reasons unknown)—as they communicate through the building’s plumbing system, sharing stories and attempting to outdo each other with tales both shocking and bizarre. While the novel is slow going at first, readers who stick around will find the author soon hits his stride. Tanamor writes like a deformed love child of Chuck Palahniuk and Charles Bukowski who has finally discovered its own voice—and the result is a rousing novel that will confuse just as often as it entertains. This is a well-crafted piece of experimental, voyeuristic fiction from a promising writer with lots of potential." (

I have been rejected by so many publishers and agencies, one saying the "audience is too narrow" and "couldn't possibly represent this book." Five years after publication I finally get validation!

The legend will hopefully live on!
Congrats on your book, man. Hope it is good, hope it sells.

But this forum might not be the right place for you to swing some sales, just because some guy called it a "a deformed love child of Chuck Palahniuk and Charles Bukowski".
The only part of that I don't understand is:
The legend will hopefully live on!
The legend of who? You? You mean like Jesse James, Sarah Palin or Ed Gene? I'm confused.

If you mean a review of your book means the "legend" of Bukowski will live on, I'm also confused.

I understand that a positive review is exciting. I don't know that this serves you well as an introduction though. It might have gone down better if we knew who you were first. You know, if you had shown an interest in the forum before you had the review under your belt.

As it is now it just looks like someone said "Bukowski" in a review of your book and you Googled Bukowski and went to the first site that would let you talk about yourself.

Attaching a pdf of the review was a nice touch, but considering that you linked to the review and quoted the whole thing in your post, I thought maybe the pdf was a little unnecessary, so I hope you don't mind that I deleted it.
I'm curious if you've ever been incarcerated. There were about two dozen of us stuck in a single room in King County Jail, Seattle. There was no need to communicate via plumbing.
Ha, true. Same at the Tombs here in NYC. Same everywhere now. Most people get out now and they say they were in a dorm, not in cells.
This guy wouldn't know the inside of a jail from the inside of a Waffle House.

The legend lives on indeed, should be a billionaire by Christmas.

Guessing this star from afar did not return.

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