David Barker's "Charles Bukowski Spit in My Face" (1 Viewer)

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Great watercolors! I like the one with the coffee cup a lot. Well done, David...
Thanks so much, David. You captured his tiresome, weary expression just fine! I was a bit worried about the shirt, since it's so loud, but you handled it great. It looks really good. I cant wait to recieve it, and I get to read a story to boot! hahaha Thanks, again.


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Glad you both approve of your watercolors. I have been on a roll, but laying fallow for a time might freshen me up. And I'm worn out in the painting-portraits-of-Bukowski department. It's been fun but I need a rest from it. Have done around 20 of these in the past two months. That's plenty. I'm looking forward to doing something completely different for the Barker bibliography Bill Roberts is publishing. Sloppy, mechanical, repetitive, fast. If you've seen the little chapbook I had in X-Ray a few years back, it'll be along those lines.

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David, I did get my copy yesterday. The watercolor is absolutely wonderful.The drawing on the cover is also very good.
Finally I get to read the famous story for the first time. Thank you.



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Well when the you next offer them, put me down for a copy. Beautiful work throughout this thread David.


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same as above. my computer was dead and I was also moving across country during the original offer. I also didn't want to butt in late and be an ass (butt? ass? hmmmm...) really very nice watercolor David, I would love to be a proud owner.


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Black Swan, glad you like it.

I will be offering copies again. After I take care of some long delayed tasks. I'm getting back my Saturdays (quiting part time bookstore job after May) and will have more time for writing, submitting stuff to editors, publishing, painting (and yard work, my wife reminds me.)

I'd like to get on the list for a copy with painting whenever you get back to making them. my girl, cynthia, LOVES your paintings and will kill me if I don't lay my hands upon a copy.

thanks in advance and hope all's well with you sir.


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To all, I'm not starting a list yet because I know if I do I'll feel pressured (by myself, not you guys) to produce the goods, and I don't want to take on any new commitments right now. Rest assured, when I'm ready I'll announce it here and there will be lots of time to get on the list for a copy. Thanks for your interest.

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Closing this thread now. David, just start a new one when you feel the time is right.
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