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ok!, let me say hello to everybody and especially to the members of this site.
i'm from regensburg and it's cold outside. -5°c. i'm ill since 4 weeks. that means 4 weeks without dark wheat beer....bla, bla, bla.

any questions?

p.s. the most uglys grils i ever saw are orthography and grammar.
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Hi there and welcome!

The lord of all fevers and plagues left my family a few days ago to make
other victims.Is there an easier thing in Germany than catching cold?
Maybe becoming unemployed is.

Get well soon.

Post Toxic
ok!, let me say hello

what happened to that poem, tiger?

lose its stripes? couldn't tango? hell, al pacino could when he was blind. but that's just the movies...

orthography - nice. I get jacked over cool words; and it ain't often.

but your p.s.: p.s. the most uglys (sic) grils (sic) i ever saw are orthography and grammar perplexes me...

do you mean ugly girls? I don't know what uglys means, but I do know a grilse is a salmon that has returned to fresh water after a single year at sea.

more importantly, what have you read? what turns you on about BUK?

welcome to the greatest BUK site; one Ken Kesey would have tripped over.

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Typing german when you have a cold is difficult enough.Concentrating on anything german is difficult when you're sick.We are such difficult people, even when we're healthy.:D
Servus, and welcome! I spent a semester in Regensburg. Nice town:

Happy memories of drinking beer at the Goldene Ente...
hai together!

where i should start answer...

where to hell is my little poem?
maybe it's unfaithful. but i'm sure it was my pc- and boardknowlage.
do somthing the first time and you allways take the wrong hole.

and concerning my orthography/grammar you will get a lot to laugh about.

"goldene ente" in regensburg; in summertime you perhaps can meet me, sitting in the shadow of big trees, drinking wheat beer with crashed ice. "goldene ente" is a very nice place.

what i've read about german everything i can get. in english, right know "war all the time". post office is what i like best.
what turns me on ... he, he, he! ... your sure, you wanna read it? ...
to read bukowski gave me a feeling of honest, humor about himself.
i like his short and concise sentence. i startet to read bukowski for about 20
years. and i will never end it.

back to the poem. is there any rule on this board against posting poems? mybe a "moderator" have eat it? and what was it? i don't make any copy of
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hai ät all!

i read, this ist the right board for me.
funny folks!
ok. i'll go on search...and maybe it's to early
but nice to be here.
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...& i give a f... for starting a new threat...
drunken & listning to the doors after typing my
10's poet tonigth...and there is no more beer
i can reach & death comes a little bit nearer.
that is fackt.

have you ever pull out your owen thees?
3 of them i killed two weeks ago.
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ok, in about 3 weeks i will lost the rest of my thees.
24 thees.
that was it. its seems to me like a little death.
but after then, i try a new smile and hope it is a lady-killer smile.
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Gerard K H Love

Appreciate your friends
Man can you try to find some translation software? Or are you trying to portray yourself as on pain killers or just very drunk? I don't use the word thee anymore either.
hai at all!

wive is out, thees are gone, beer on my table, blood out of my a..
...and know i'm surching that poemthreat.

wish you fun
in the live
your choice.

p.s. is there anybody who can post the link for that threat?
'cause i'm very impotent (wie ich diese doppeldeutigkeit der
englischen sprache liebe, auch wenn ich sie vielleicht falsch einsetze...:):) )
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Zu viel schlechte Dichtung.

The poetry thread was closed because we're here to talk about Bukowski's poetry, not critique everyone else's. There are plenty of writing forums on the internet where others will give you feedback if you post your work there.

Besides, you don't want to post your stuff on this site anyway. There's a guy around here named ed. who can be pretty ruthless.


"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
I'd say not enough participants. Poetry is not hip.
Well yes, I need to admit; too much bad poetry as well.

p.s. 1 exception: Victor Valov. Great poet. Check him out.


"The law is wrong; I am right"
p.s. 1 exception: Victor Valov. Great poet. Check him out.

I believe it's spelled Valoff.
wasn't it him who wrote the poem, 'The Sky Is The Biggest Cunt Of Them All'? :D
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victor valoff, i found him ...

...and again...after i order to crack my thees, they took my blind gut during
a emergancy operation, and six weeks later they rippt a bad hemangioma
out of my breast.
but i'm still alive and now i'm thinking about my neighbours wive and how
i can lay her down. the good guy is a pilot flaying for UNO.
maybe i shold told her about a great big stinger?

greatings to all!
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more crickets than friends
Ha, mambo cat, well I did enjoy Bruno. It was soooo good it made me pull out all my teeth and for some reason I simultaneously bled out of my ass.... Suspicious...
say hai! to everybody!

new year...last day i sleep and sleep far away from every party.
the last bottle beer marrid with two bottles sparkling wine.
:cool: some days ago, i told my neighbours wive about li tai bo
and his poems. and here is her answer: "if you come to me i give
a book from bukowski."
i like her. she got something.

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