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Only $19.99 for a high quality scan (1 Viewer)

Beat me to the punch on this one. Seriously, this is ludicrous and, I'm guessing, a violation of applicable copy write. I can see selling a collectible, but this is just profiting off somebody else.
riddle me this, scam-man:

what's the difference between that and saving and printing it yourself?
I don't think this is the first time someone has tried to sell copies of manuscripts on eBay...
yes, this is a violation of copyright and could get him sued. There is no difference between making one copy and selling it and printing 20,000 and selling them. The estate could sue and could win a LOT of damages. Damages in the US are not limited to amounts that a violator made from the violation. In fact, if he made 2 copies and gave them away, he could, in theory, be sued and lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages if he lost in court. With ebay being seen by so many people, I would not be surprised if he did not have problems with this one....

I thought about emailing him, saw that some of his other auctions are scalping baseball tickets and thought, 'fuck him there's no way this will sell, and if he gets busted, then he shouldn't have been doing illegal stuff'.

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