Picture of you (yeah you!) in 1987 (1 Viewer)

No, I was 31 at the time the photo was taken, turned 32 in September of 1985. Please, don't make me any older than the fossil I already am ... :)
Sorry, but my own quest to unearth a certifiable "1987" photo has failed faster than the Cubs in October. But the good news is that I just found a late 80's photo, which is even cheesier in both form and content. So perhaps everything works out for the best....

Though my scanner/printer is down, I'll scan and send it this Sunday night from a friends' house.
Oh my!

Taken on Christmas Day 1988. 2 months before my Son was born-hence the cropped photo:eek:

That is a genuine 1980's hairdo, for sure.
Yeah, when are they gonna' bring back the 80's hair? Fuck Jennifer Aniston!
CRB you look like my little brothers ex-wife, in the 80s.
I look like many little brother's ex-wives, from the 80's.
CRB. You look very surprised!
I was surprised, got pregnant the first time!
No she's just excited.
No, scared shitless and hungry! CRB:)
cindi, you look the brunette twin of a young actress whose name is escaping me right now. she's not 'famous' but i've seen her in a few teen comedies, she has a slightly gravelly voice.
I'm working on finding a 1987 photo. I assure you that it will be far worse than anything else here. I was bizarre looking in 1987. Picture me with a Farah Fawcett feathered-do.

It was not pretty.

An undeniable trend toward men's formalwear in the last couple pictures. This place is finally getting some class.
Mullets were a given in my circle. I'm not going to lie about it. Actually, if you didn't "style" your hair somehow, in ways even other than the mullet, you were a hillbilly. Just not cool. And I worked on that fucker too - brushing it out...rinsing it seperately in the shower....making sure it was dry before putting on a collared shirt....

My brother had the cooler mullet though, because he had perfectly straight hair. Like Bowie/Ziggy.

What a difference 20 years and 50% hair loss can make.
Where's the styling mousse ?

Oh, that's right. It's in my dreams.
I think hillbillies of today wear the mullet as a requirement in order to be properly classified by all of us sociologists. Although they prefer to be called rednecks.
He's mine ! He's mine ! I saw him the first !
There is one good point with him : he won't puke on my floor.

Ponder is Robert Smith's secret brother.
CRBSMILE reminds me of Meg Tilly and Bill Cobham of NTM's Joey Starr.

This one is exactly from 1987, a time where I had a big head and even a little paunch :

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I had only made a few sculptures, I was 23, this is a rather crude St Sebastian. I still have this piece...not rotten yet but the weather will be claiming it soon. Theres a line in Stoppards "Jumpers" about zenos paradox that reffered to the arrows never actually making it to St Sebastion (as they could continually only ever split the remaining distance in half) causing the hilarious proclaimation that he died of fright. Anyhow, it gave me reason to chop the shit outta a 12 x 12.

st sebastion.JPG
Scribbler looks like just as I imagined, but now after all of that beer and welding gases he may be quite different.

welding is a dangerous thing.
Hi you guys, I've been out of town for several days, and coming back to all these new pictures is just great! And hey! GKHL, we're not supposed to post pics of family members! Big Smiles to All!CRB:)
Okay, I'll say it. Aw, how sweet. I gotta' pinch those fatty cheeks. Your mom's hair looks fine.

Are you still drinking lots of juice, or is it Kool Ade?
To post a picture of yourself in full glory.
I admire that because I'd been too cowardly
to do such a thing.

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