Picture of you (yeah you!) in 1987 (1 Viewer)

I've already posted a few pictures.
I don't think I have a close up picture of myself of the 80ties.
Yeah, but those are all cool and artsy. This is '87, you need to bring the cheese!

How about me in '88?

I was a hippy,

its funny how this term has been used thru the years, actually the "real hippies" buried the term way back in '66,..'67(?). we avoided using the word to describe ourselves at all cost. called ourselves freaks or heads. ( '70ish ) I think that at the time the only reference to hippie was from the "other side" and always (mostly) in a derogatory way. hell, I guess they still do. I'm not sure what the kidz nowdays call themselves...
Ha, ha, I've moved around so many times and so much of the old pic's and stuff, (you know, kids pictures, wedding crap, the shit people save) has been lost or destroyed. hell I can fit all of my belongings into a small u-haul. maybe one of my daughters has something. I don't know. and I was always camera shy. I'll try to dig something up.
Don't have any photos from that era, the ex-wife has them all, and won't share. If I figure out how to paste one in here, I'll do so.
I completely understand the time-gap in this thread. Took me three weeks to finally find and post my own. 35mm film was hazy and splotchy and sometimes that's a good thing 1fsh2fsh and bogthing. Because old photos are just too damn hard to find. Or once you do find them, they're too embarassing to print.


We were there.....
I have a theory why Hank Solo hasn't posted a pic yet. well, it's 2 related theories.

1. he's ashamed of his Morrissey quiff.

2. he's ashamed that he doesn't have a Morrissey quiff.


Well he could post a picture of his parents in 1987. You see that would make sense, especially if mom and dad are having a bad hair day.
I thought for a moment he had charged a piece of metal and was showing us a picture of that. Bahhha.

Circa early 90s?...


I'm the black cat.
Girls are either Cats Witches or Princesses. Nice picture, two guys. It must be the name.

Men have always just flocked to me ;).

I was only a cat that one year... and I was a princess in Kindergarten... other than that I was weird things I think... when I was 13 I was a crack whore on Welfare.

Or to any state where the divide between rich and poor is the greatest...California, New York, Massachusetts...

like to see that one...

I don't have a picture of that one :(. It was basically... I went to bed in a ripped t-shirt, with a flannel over that and ugly, stained pink pajama/sweat pants with slippers and ripped socks. I woke up, didn't brush my hair or do anything to the outfit. All I did was put blue eyeshadow under my eyes to make it look like I was strung out or something. Then I went to school and came home and got high or something.

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