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you're welcome here! As you can see, I'm kinda tidy guy, but not extremely tidy. I have everything in folders and each folder is somehow classified, but the contents of each folder are not always classified, that's why sometimes it takes me some time to find specific items.

b1.JPG Untitled-1.jpg

that's all I have. nothing's hidden!

I hope you've enjoyed this little preview, but please don't drop by uninvited with a 6 pack to talk me into selling this little treasure trove :D
That's great! I like a behind the scenes look at things. It's not the mountain of paper that I imagined you wading into to find a certain piece.

Maybe I'll take a picture of my bookcase as well. That way my girlfriend can know that I am obsessed. She already thinks I am. May as well remove all doubt.
Well, I can't compete with cireria's embarrassment of riches, his veritable Library of Congress of manuscripts, but here's most of my stuff.

And somewhere around here is a thin black binder (very thin) of poem and letter manuscripts...

Oh, in the bookcase, "BS NYG" means Black Sparrow new years greetings, the little books they sent out most years.


A painting in a copy of War All The Time:


My favorite letter manuscript because of the big india ink painting (to the right you can see a Montfort photo of Bukowski in Germany):


An original drawing and handwritten letter to Martin. This was one of a group he sent to be used for the print in the special hardcovers of Hollywood. In the note you can see that he mentions the one that was used in the book ("..the actress with the pink dogs."):

yeah, Charlie, lax is the right word there, indeed.

where's your binder. I cannot seem to find it :D by the way, the paintings are really cool. I kind of regret not having copied them when I was in the States. They have some really interesting gems there!
Ah, don't be. There are people out there with whole rooms full of this shit.

The great thing is, the vast majority of the words, which are the important thing, are still available in the common BS/Ecco books.

All these other things are just curiosities.
mjp: I see your bookshelf contains 4 vol. called "On the bus". What does those 4 vol. contain? You wrote (the captain...) on the foto but I thought "The captain is out..." was only one vol. So I am a bit confused...
There are actually seven issues of ONTHEBUS on the shelf, and I'm still missing one. That is a literary magazine out of California, and it has the first appearance of the journals that later became, The Captain... There are also things in there that didn't make it into The Captain...

There is some disagreement over where the journal idea came from. Jack Grapes, editor of ONTHEBUS told me that he suggested it to Bukowski. John Martin is on record saying he suggested it to Bukowski. To complicate things further, Bukowski sent journal entires to both of them, though I don't know if they were the same.

ONTHEBUS was there first, but then the lit mags were always there first, with Martin collecting the various publications for the Black Sparrow poetry books.
I see...thanks mjp! Was it a lot that did'nt make it into "The captain..."
or was it just tid bits ?
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Not a lot. Just some journal entries. It would be interesting to collect the stuff not in the Black Sparrow books, but not something I plan on doing. There are Bukowski poems in each of those ONTHEBUS issues too. Though most of them have probably been collected in the BS books.
Hmm, I just went to the site to see if they were still publishing ONTHEBUS and it looks like I can still order the issue I'm missing. Why the hell was I waiting for eBay?

Oh yeah, now I remember --- because I'm cheap.

They still have submission guidelines on the site, so I guess ONTHEBUS is still rolling. It's a good mag. I should say book, because each issue is huge.
I think if we could see the shelves of some of the other people here, mine wouldn't look so impressive.

The art is cool. If you ever have a chance to get any Bukowski art, take it. Sell your TV, rob a corner store, hook a chain to an ATM and drag it away behind a truck...

The books will always be available. The art is much harder to come by. People don't part with it as easily as they do the books.
Yeah, that's quite a collection you've got there, mjp! The biggest I've seen so far! - mine is only one shelve - about 34 inches long - but still growing :). After having seen your beautifully framed art, I'm dreaming of getting a signed poem/drawing/letter myself. It would be real nice to have something by Buk hanging on the wall, next to the Buk books. Oh well, maybe some day I'll get lucky...
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conspicuous consumption...

thought I'd post some pics of the I've said before, nothing really rare, etc. I just felt like taking a few snaps tonight...

uh, jpegs are too big (if I had a nickel for everytime I heard that...).
I, of one, am dying to see the close up of the books. This is my usual thing when
my wife makes me go to someone's house for a party. I look through their bookshelves. This let's me know if I will have anything in common to talk about. Buk, Kerouac & HST good; white supremacist Anne Coulter and Bill O'Reilly bad...

very, very bad!

ok, one more once (to quote count basie)...
Buk shelf



box of misc.

signed prospectus fo barfly

the next post will have pics of my 3 main bookcases for context. I have more bookcases (smaller) scatterred throughout the house.
WOW! hooch - don't give up - as you might have guessed - you're coming in loud and clear!

i noticed the picasso sketch of rimbaud. is that the original? ha. what is that? no doubt a mag... the sketch is on the fowlie translations of the young dowenger ...
theonlygoodpoetisa said:
i noticed the picasso sketch of rimbaud. is that the original? ha. what is that? no doubt a mag... the sketch is on the fowlie translations of the young dowenger ...

that's a very rare edition put out by our good friend cirerita...long out of print.
yeah cirerita hooked us up with the unpublished poems with the extra disc from born into this.

rimbaud be damned and i forget what else is in it right off hand.
yeah cirerita hooked us up with the unpublished poems with the extra disc from born into this.

rimbaud be damned and i forget what else is in it right off hand.

it's definitely OOP and any resemblance with the above mentioned cirerita is a mere work of fiction of those who spend way too much time in a forum full of freaks :D

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