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Father Luke..
Many thanks for the spot on traslation!..and sorry it took so long..
You know,writing works better for me when its by hand,old style..
most people know what I say then without traslation..I promise to keep workin at it!
Just receaved " The pleasures of the damned" and "Bohemien New Orleans" from the states
Oh Joy!
Has John Martin given any interviews recently..?
sweet jebus help me!

so, I was looking at my main bookcases and noticed I had some duplicates that I could get rid of and some books I didn't really need. so, yesterday I culled about 50 books from the cases. fine. but then I decided I needed to reorganize.


here's where I am now.






fuck. me.
I need to do the same. Been thinking about it for months now, but cant decide the proper way. Hardcover with hardcover? or both together like mjp. all black sparrow together? all books by and about Bukowski seperated? maybe organized by the release date? I can see that this is going to take much more thought.....
Must be something in the air.

My wife just announced (the way women will) that we are buying a new bookcase for the music room and that my Buks will move in there.

Makes sense actually because there is less sunlight and no cooking smells like there is in the current location.

More space means more latitude for pretentious display styles - bring it on!
mjp, I'm jealous. Not just of your collection, but the fact that you have it all shelved chronologically. Maybe I'll suggest that at work on Tuesday...

Also, what comes before It Catches on your shelf, if you don't mind me asking (and what is your address [with zip code])?
Hooch, what a beautiful mess! Give the books away that you've read and aren't so connected to. It feels good. Make room for books you have yet to read! I am slowly going through mine too. It's so hard!

MJP, stop taking ALL the credit for OUR collection! But you can take credit for organizing it like an anal retentive. For that, I thank you. Also, those Ikea bookshelves we got with the glass doors are the best investments we have ever made! I am so glad we got those. We probably need one more, but I don't know where to put it. (And I wish they were a tad deeper to fit big art books.)
get one out? you don't. that's the Rubik's Cube of bookshelves.

I'd rather have the books all lined up vertically without the complex stacking, but I don't have the room. this house (and marriage) ain't big enough. someday I'll have a room dedicated to just books. but not in the near future.

those main cases only hold about half my books.

I admit I have a problem getting rid of books, but I have my reasons. heh.

solution? stack them behind a chair and speaker! problem solved!


ok, I'm done. I promise.
Looks like you have devised a great lighting system as well. That lamp is adjustable - just add more books.

I have a similar looking stack of VHS tapes in a corner. You can't put anything on top of those. They are useless as furniture.
I had to put most of my VHS tapes behind my books on the shelves to make room for new books and my DVD's. It's a bitch to have to remove all the books whenever I'm looking for a certain VHS tape.
And now I don't even have enough shelf space for all my DVD's anymore. I'll probably have to put up some shelves in odd places like the kitchen or the bathroom. :D

Of course, I could get rid of some of the books I'm not too attached too. That might be the only viable solution.
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Dirty, my Bukowski collection pales in comparison to a lot of folks here. I have some nice stuff, but there are people here with unbelievable collections.

that's why they never invite me to their house. ;)
that's an old picture. I got rid of that rug years ago.

and I had to eat those tins of chili.
I'm old! old people say tins! and I also call tissue tissue, not kleenex.

I'm old!
I'm old! old people say tins! and I also call tissue tissue, not kleenex.
Relax old man. You're not in trouble until the neighbors spot you wearing spats, a waistcoat and sleeve garters while pedaling your velocipede around the block. Just lay off the moustache wax and you'll be fine.
Yeah. The moustache wax fucked up my lips. Something about the arsenic in it. I had to have my lips surgically replaced with donor lips from a Chinese baby. It looked pretty odd until my 'stash came back in. It's walrus style now, to cover the baby lips.

But I don't wear sleeve garters. What do you think I am?
Well Hooch, I don't blame them for not allowing you in their house, esp. after seeing everything that Chronic just put up for sale on here. And if that's what he's willing to get rid of, I can only imagine what he's still holding onto...

By the way I still call aluminum foil by its out-dated name, "tin foil", even though they stopped making it out of tin right after WWII, which was 40 years before I was even born.
problem temporarily alleviated....

new bookcase!

and I got rid of 50 (?) more books, and put some books behind books. something I didn't want to do, but there you go...


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