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Books behind books? Welcome in the club!
@mjp I'm a baby in the Bukowski world of collecting. Wow. Do you have other Buk books (doubles) that are a little more beaten up from being read over and over again? And what's a favorite from the above?
I see you already hurled a hand grenade at The Flash of Lightning...
How did it fare?
I think I sold Flash Mountain, since those are all firsts. But I decided against selling any more posthumous collections. I don't want to spread those lies. Those books have other fates in store for them. Like...
which one is next?
All of them. I'm going to shoot at them in a stack, just like they sit now. It'll be like a Mythbusters episode, "Let's test how far bullets will travel through a putrid mass!" Something like that. I'll piss on what's left and leave them for the raccoons.
Do you have other Buk books (doubles) that are a little more beaten up from being read over and over again?
There are a couple more shelves, but it's all extra stuff and books about Bukowski. Almost a full shelf of those now that everyone who met him (and some who didn't) wrote a book about him.

I used to give a lot of books away to nonbelievers, that's why those Ecco versions of the Black Sparrow stuff are there. I don't really do that anymore either, but Carol still does, so there they are.

I think I could pare it down to one shelf and still have everything that matters.
I just 'donated' 7 large bags of books to various charity/goodwill/thrift whatever shops.
Very cathartic (so I'm told). Damn it.
To accommodate a new CD storage thingie I had to move one of our three bookcases out of the music room. In the process of doing that I thought, "I really need to get rid of some of these books." So I went through everything and filled seven big boxes with books that we're donating to some joint here in Los Angeles.

I thought I'd still have the two remaining bookcases full, but instead we went from three overflowing bookcases to two that have room to spare:


The third bookcase moved to the living room and is full of artists books (that we now have room to display properly).

I feel no remorse over the donation of the almost 300 pounds of books that we gave away. But then it's only been a few days, so I haven't yet gone to grab one off the shelf and find it isn't there. Check back with me in a few months and I may feel differently about getting rid of them.
we gave away hundreds of books when we moved to our current place, and we gave away hundreds more when we moved to our last place. plus, i just sold a couple hundred books (some on ebay, some traded en masse to a bookstore for $5 or so apiece) this past winter. even the good stuff i sold, like my bukowski first editions, i haven't missed them. there are probably 100 books in my collection that i would never get rid of under any circumstances - and most of those are in that category because i have some personal history tied to the book and not necessarily because it's particularly valuable. i haven't counted, but that's probably around 15% of my collection. everything else i'll continue to own until it occurs to me that i haven't looked at it in a few years, at which point i'll move it out. i love downsizing - it's almost as good of a feeling (almost) as acquiring new stuff.
also, where the fuck is that blue spine edition of war all the time that i've been bugging you to sell me since you got it on eBay?
Maybe it wasn't part of this thread, but I think I remember a Bill Roberts post that would put any of this to shame.

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