Portions From a Wine-Stained Notebook

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Here's my quote

"Notebook? What notebook?"


(No, I don't like the title :D)
Hey, Garrett. Waits is an excellent suggestion. You guys also have access to Sam Shepard, so you might try him as well. I would also contact Denis Cooper ("God Jr."), who seems to have more than a little Bukowski influence in his work and he resonates with the Rollins-despised 14-21 demographic, as does Chuck Palahniuk, so giving him a shout out wouldn't hurt either.

Another off the top of my head is Matt Ruff. If you don't have contact info for Matt, you can reach him through his website: http://home.att.net/~storytellers/

Jack Schwartzman, poet laureate of San Francisco, hell, he's in the store every day. Grab him for a quote next time you see him.

I would also try a few noted L.A. authors/social observers like Bruce Wagner or Michael Tolkin. If Tolkin or Wagner don't feel up to cooperating, let me know and I'll think of someone else but you definitely need some L.A. folk for blurbs.

Say hi to Scott, Don, Gent, and Paul for me.


Rodger Jacobs


Jack Schwartzman, poet laureate of San Francisco,



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Also, grab something from Sean Penn. He and Buk had a teasured friendship. Penn's office is down the street at Zoetrope or ask the owner of Tosca to hook you up (can't recall her name just now).
Yes, believe it or not, blurbs can lead to compulsive buys, especially if the authors/artists who provide the pull quote are closely linked in form, style, etc., to the author in quesion.
Hello all:

Thanks for these suggestions! We're taking them under consideration.

Jack Hirschman's a good idea except that he's in the book [the Artaud Anthology review], so we're trying to get some outsiders. [And Lawrence can't blurb a book he's publishing!]

But these other suggestions are very helpful--I like the idea of getting someone non-literary to blurb it.

The book should be hitting the shelves in October--I'll try to keep everyone informed.

[And Lawrence can't blurb a book he's publishing!]

Hi Garrett: OF COURSE Lawrence could blurb it! That would be very welcome in my mind. Tyrranus Buk and all that.

That said, the hardcover idea is something that I have been pushing. You have no idea how much we would dig a hardcover on this one...


City Lights does not publish hard cover editions. Period. Lawrence founded the company as an "all-paperback" bookstore and publishing house (i.e., affordable) and it has been that way since day one -- though they do sell hard cover books from other publishing concerns in the store now, they don't publish them. Just not cost effective.
Yes, that was 1979, however, and a limited run. City Lights was founded as the first paperback bookstore and publisher in America and stays true to that concept to this day. When you consider some of the esoterica they publish -- i.e., a limited audience for their authors -- sticking to a paperback format only makes sense. There's not much profit in a limited, 100-edition run of a title, 10 percent maybe a little more. Not worth it.


Assume that it cost $20 to have a book casebound. They sell it for $39.95. They make a 49% profit.....

I also think that you can have a book casebound for less than $20. If they sent me the 100 paper copies to have made into hardcovers, I could do it for less than that.

If it is not profitable, I would not expect them to do it, but it would clearly sell as they seem to have sold all 300 copies of that book from 1979 and that was not a book of short stories, which would attract more readers than a book of mostly photos.

To an extent, Bill, I agree with you and concede to your knowledge of publishing. However, City Lights is still functioning under the Old Guard (Lawrence and Nancy) and things will remain the same. Chapbooks excluded, they only publish 12 new titles annually.

Garrett, it doesn't matter if Jack is in the book; you can still get him to provide a simple and general pull-quote on Bukowski and/or his work. And the same principle applies to Lawrence: a general observation about an author that he has published to much success, not specifically about Portions.


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Yes, believe it or not, blurbs can lead to compulsive buys, especially if the authors/artists who provide the pull quote are closely linked in form, style, etc., to the author in quesion.
I guess that's true, considering that people continue to discover Bukowski for the first time every day. Something I would never have guessed were it not for this forum.
Just yesterday, MJP, my friend Don Campana, who has worked at City Lights for years, told me that every day they get customers in the store looking for advice on what Bukowski they should read as newcomers to his work.


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I know its a long shot, but Bob Dylan has mentioned Bukowski a couple of times on his Theme Time Radio Hour show. Maybe you can blurb him.

And again: Dylan read a Bukpoem on his latest Theme Time Radio Hour.
The poem, paraphrased, was about a cold wind - hoping the boys on the street have a bottle of red - and how you notice everything has locks when your living on the street.
I'm hoping someone can tell me off hand which poem it is. Will have to dig it up myself otherwise...
How about it Hank So?:o


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That's right, Rekrab! - The pic of Buk nude or the drawing of the girl on the floor would be great options too...
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Per the original poster:
This will come out in the fall and has lots of goodies: his first and last published short stories, his first and last essays, first Notes of a DOM column, pieces on the Rolling Stones, Artaud, Pound, and so on. 300 pages worth!...

...Garrett Caples
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City Lights Books


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Looks like some copies are in print already:


Esotouric and City Lights Books Present Charles Bukowski Bus Tour During BookExpo Convention Weekend

WHAT: BookExpo Edition - "Haunts of A Dirty Old Man: CharlesBukowski's LA" bus tour
WHEN: Saturday May 31, 5pm-9pm, departs from Arnie Morton's Steakhouse, 735 South Figueroa St., Downtown LA
COST: $55/person, snacks included
FREE SWAG: BookExpo attendees with badges who get on the bus will receive a complementary Tony Millionaire Bukbird beer coaster and aprerelease copy of City Lights' forthcoming Charles Bukowski anthology" Portions of a Wine-Stained Notebook: Uncollected Stories and Essays,1944-1990"

hank solo

Just practicin' steps and keepin' outta the fights
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Where can I snag one of those to review? Anyone know? :D

The book - not the coaster...
I might be able to snag one for "review purposes", though publishers pretty much forbid review copy being written from a reading of a pre-release edition. I'll have to look into it.
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