Portions From a Wine-Stained Notebook


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well, mjp, that is a very fine and interesting piece of information you've just shared. i don't check the haunts tour site often enough so this news is good. but i'm a bit confused,forgive me, but this bookexpo, what and where is it? also, if you're just going on the tour that day you don't get a copy of the book? that seems pretty lame.

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Maybe Esotouric could become like a bookmobile.
Hey that's a nice picture of Dean Koontz He gives lots of money to service dogs.


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But there's no money in that.

You forget that Esotouric is'nt in it for the money. They just lo-o-ve old buildings and writers...:rolleyes:
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I stand corrected.

Excerpts from Portions from a Wine-Stained Notebook

I'm sure the eagle-eyed here have already spotted these, but if not--

Two stories from the forthcoming Portions from a Wine-Stained Notebook were just reprinted in the Brooklyn Rail, available at the following addresses:



The book is in production and will definitely be out by late September/Oct 1.

Best, Garrett
You got wake up pretty early to get a step ahead of some of the cats on here! But thanks for the update, Garrett. We await it with baited breath. That is if booze can be considered bait. :D
Portions from a Wine-Stained....HARDBACK

Hello friends:

This is Garrett Caples again, from City Lights Books.

I am pleased to announce that we have heard the outcry for a hardcover edition of Portions from a Wine-Stained Notebook and have bowed to the will of the Bukowski.net. A hardcover there shall be, as may be seen on our updated page for this title:


This hardcover will be printed once, in an edition strictly limited to 1000 copies, so my advice to everyone interested is to pick up this bad boy as soon as it appears. You'll be competing with libraries as well as your fellow collectors, as the libraries almost inevitably order the hardcover, so this book will disappear faster than a tall-can in Hank's hand.

As ever, I'd like to thank one and all for your input on this and am happy we can oblige. Please post any questions, comments, or concerns in this thread and I'll be happy to respond to them.


Garrett Caples
Editor, City Lights Books


sweet baby jesus. That feels good.

Now we need to place some orders and show them that this was a great idea.

again... sweet baby jesus...



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Ha! little ol' us! fucking cool. any such thing as pre- or reserved orders?


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You know, I made those covers as a joke, but that one actually wouldn't be bad. I'll have to use it myself some time. ;)
Hello All:

Just to follow up on the thread here, I regret to say we don't have the wherewithal to do preorders at City Lights; the publishing staff is actually very small and we don't have anyone to keep track of this.

However, we have recourse to two different mechanisms which should help you all score copies.

1) Go to the Portions page at citylights.com and sign up for an email alert; this will send you an email as soon as the book is available. (I'm sure some of you have already done so, but I would urge anyone who doesn't want to miss the hardcover to do so.)

2) As soon as the first shipment arrives, I will post a notice here on Bukowski.net letting everyone know it's available. This will give you guys a head start on the rest of the world. I'll even try to give a heads up in advance about when we're expecting the book once it's at the printers, so you'll be ready. (We're currently aiming for Sept for publication though such predictions are never an exact science in the publishing world.)

All that said, when you get word about the hardcover, place your order, FAST, as they say in my hometown of Oakland. This should be sufficient to get you a copy.

Let me add that we at City Lights very much appreciate all your input into the process! Any more questions, fire away!




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Very cool. Thanks Garrett.

I've signed up for the email alert and pre-ordered with Amazon.

I hope that gets me one.


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Hmmm, pre-ordered from amazon? is this a good way? seems that amazon was just accused of being a profit monger in another thread. would this take money away from city lights? man I sure would like to get my hands on a HC. but I sure would hate to hurt the common man.. whatcha all think?
Order it straight from City Lights.

Question, Garrett, if I may: I signed up for an e-mail for the paperback when it was first posted on the City Lights website, and also signed up for same on the hardcover. Only, I've had no response, so it's hard to know if City Lights actually has our notification requests. Just trustin' at this point.


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Thanks for the heads up Garrett. I'm signing up for info now, but I'll be hoping I can score myself a copy... Can't wait!


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yeh, this is sweet. whenever i go to the city i head to north beach, stop by city lights to browse. it's great that city lights is putting this out! once i get the notification, well, hop on bart and head across the bay and up the hill to fetch! we are looking at just a few days time i take it?
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