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Lazy Fuck

Please don't come to our country.

[EDIT] Just searched your other posts and found this gem

Hello everyone, I'm Lazy Fuck

I already introduced myself in the top movies thread. In desperate search of attention I'll also introduce myself here.

I'm a twenty-sumthing guy (existential crisis at hand), residing in Finland. Since there probably is a town called Finland somewhere in Alabama, I'll specify: that is the Finland in between Russia and Sweden.

BOLD = Troll Behavior

ITALICS = Condescending Prick Behavior
I guess you could read it like that. But I was actually trying to funny. I just happen to have noticed that you've got some pretty odd town names over there. Like Athens or Gotherburg or St. Petersburg. Not that I'd expect a redneck yankee to know anything about geography, anyway, those are all places in Europe. And that's not a country, but a continent.

Lazy Fuck: Stop namedropping authors plz. It really isn't as impressive as you think.
Stop writing like an American plz. It really isn't as impressive as you think.
Yeah maybe I ought to write like an arrogant attention-seeking, cliche ridden crybaby from Finland. Especially since this is an american forum and not a finnish one.
You're just full of great ideas aren't you?

Lazy Fuck

Didn't realize it was a cliché to point out an allusion to Finnegans Wake. I guess everyone's doing that nowadays.
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Oh sorry. That was the pretentious part I forgot to mention. The cliche part was a reference to your earlier posts about being young and having the world on your shoulders.

Lazy Fuck

You aren't the first 22 year old to feel the horrible weight of the universe crushing your pure and wonderful soul. I know you think you are, and that you're the first one with the ability to eloquently describe the feeling. It's cute in its way. Let those delusions be your solace, brother. Keep sticking it to the man! It's you against the world. You'll win. You have righteousness on your side.

I think you're talking about this, not my posts. Well, it's easy to get confused in the wicked world.

And who's arrogant? You must have seen my post on your Good afton thread in the New Blood section where I tried to discuss Öijer's work with you. No answer. Instead you're writing all this shit about me here...
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Finnegans wake??
If you want impress all allusions should be to Gilligan-an american allegory to Joycean metaphors-classic stuff


If u don't know the poetry u don't know Bukowski
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So Gilligan's Island was a wink at Finnigan's wake?
My eyes have been opened!
This was the true prequel to Lost.

PS: Hey Lazy Luck! Try watching this show. It will cheer you up and give your life meaning!
What an interesting take of Finns has. Oh Lord. I apologize on behalf of our country. That is why I shut my trap a while ago and just settled for reading other people's posts. I think I'll continue on that path. Typo-meltdown might be just around the corner. Carry on.


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It has nothing to do with being a Finn. It's about being an asshole.

Unless you are implying that all Finns are assholes. Which is possible, but I don't want to be the one to say it.

Carry on.
Ha. Well, there's a little asshole in everyone. Some just like to spread it wide open and show everone else what's inside. Or something.


Sordide Sentimental
There are many disturbing things about that picture, but the most disturbing thing has to be the tshirt...what the fuck is up with that? Is there an industry now, geared up to sell tshirts with illustrations of teenage boys in diapers? Is there that much demand?


I know they go for that kind of shit in places like France and Finland, but has it spread elsewhere?

I have seen neither such freaks, nor such illustrated t-shirts here. I thus tend to believe that men wearing diapers must be a typically American form of deviance, just as five toe shoes wearers and Tom Cruise bio readers are.

Lolita Twist

Isn't this the thread where we're supposed to post when we're drunk? Right? Right?

I'm not drunk. I am coming off Xanax and feel like I'm on speed and can't sleep worth a fuck. Thing is when you come off Xanax, you do all these things you needed to do before but never had the energy for. I cleaned my house, cut my hair, did my nails. I really went to hell with myself. I then sent submissions out to publishers with cover letters I had forgot I had written. When reading them back recently... they'll either be like, "This broad's for real!" Or, "No. Just no." Thing is I really don't remember writing the cover letters :(. I can't stay up much longer or I'll run out of cigarettes. I was looking downstairs for more Xanax but I forgot where I put it. I found an empty fifth of Crystal Palace but that's really not helping me any. I FEEL LIKE I'M ON SPEED.

EDIT: And also obviously quite bored off my ass.

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I'm waiting for mine to take hold. try doing some jumping jacks til you fall over. or write something brilliant 100 times. go ahead, i'll wait.
[...] we're supposed to post when we're drunk? [...]

Aaah! I always thought, this is about people who don't drink anymore! ('post-drunk' as in 'post-toxic' :-))

But anyway, get rid of that Xanax, baby. I sure don't tell you any news, that it's a benzo and that means EVIL.
But then, "do all these things you needed to do before but never had the energy for" doesn't sound that bad.
I thought this thread was about the artist formerly known as Symbol who is now called Prince again, but then, the heat confuses me probably.

Anyway, drugs are bad, mkay?
Post drunk is a new literary movement (like Post Modern) where unlike the writers of the past they are all sober people.

Lolita Twist

esart - couldn't write. The typer was moving too slow, and I was moving too fast.

Roni & Mark - b...bu...but... I like my drugs! :(

Anyway. Was sober today. Quite a drag. Drinking tomorrow. Cheap highballs are love.

Oh and slime, sober writers? What is the world coming to?
Drugs in general are okay, baby.
We need them to survive.

Only, it's a matter of WHICH drugs and I don't believe in benzos (plus I've seen too many people's withdrawal-symptoms from those).
Sure, a withdrawal from alcohol or smack isn't any fun either. But at least these are decent drugs.

... and still I haven't heared, whatever happened with the "former Mr. G."!

Lolita Twist

I'm still not sure what a benzo is, and I've been taking Xanax for about 5 years now. (I think it's the new Valium...) My withdrawal from amphetamine was worse than anything. Now, everything else seems like candy.

The former Mr. G... ah, read MJP's first thread about the forum update ;)
Benzo's are benzodiazepine...Basically it's just a different name for depressants like Xanax and Valium. I learned that in rehab.

Lolita Twist

Oh, a downer. Yes. I do downers... hydrocodone, though, is my very favorite downer. Though, I've developed quite a high tolerance for that, so I've been laying off, and taking the Xanax, or Valium, or Demerol... (Demerol is a very unique drug. It's talking to you, but you really don't hear or give a fuck what it's saying. On Dem, you're still in pain... but you don't care.) My friend Mick was contracting, so they gave her demerol (back in the DAY), and she gets a phone call,

"How are you feeling?"
"I'm in horrible pain but I'm fucking fabulous, how are you?"

The uppers, however, (Adderall, for me) I can be on for days. The detox, as I said above, is excruciating, though.
How I hate to love Hydrocodone...its the best warm fuzzy so far, but it makes my stomach sick as sour milk and Demorol is a milky white train to sleepy town.


Are you guys talking bout the same Demerol that was given to me in an I.V. when I had a friggin colonoscopy about seven years ago ?

That shit is powerful - be careful. I don't want to hear about any "Michael Jackson's last hours" - type scenarios.

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they gave me some of that when they pulled out all four of my wisdom teeth. i liked it so much i begged for a Rx, but the surgeon wouldn't give it to me because he could see how much i was loving it.

and by the way, benzos are ok when used correctly for what they are prescribed for.
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