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Depressants can seriously damage the liver. If you take them on a regular base (for the daily fun of it, whatever that might be) and are crazy enough to drink alcohol along with it, you can end up in hospital within half a year.

When you take stuff like Paroxetin for what it's prescribed, at least the doctors here give you a warning to not take it longer than one year. That kind of makes my calculation about depressants and alcohol.

Be careful, please.

I know in your mind it sings "Party on, Babylon!" and you probably don't give a fuck 'cause I'm not your father, Virgin Mary or the Holy Ghost.



Telling addicts to stop is stupid; they don't listen. I didn't listen either.
i have to take 1mg of ativan when i go to an art reception or else i can not cope with the crowd. i hold a drink in my hand but do not drink it unless it's water. i think my liver is okay.
Oh, a downer. Yes. I do downers... hydrocodone, though, is my very favorite downer. Though, I've developed quite a high tolerance for that, so I've been laying off, and taking the Xanax, or Valium, or Demerol...

I was highly addicted to valium, and that was no party quitting. My memory had shut down for years, which was needed then. All of it came back with a lot of emotional shit , left to deal with. I had developed a very high tolerance to it.

Now, I need to take one before bed. I never want to go there, ever again...

Morphine with orange juice will turn you into a human fountain. I bet you can hit the ceiling, and it still is very pretty. :cool:
esart, I understand your phobia because I've had it for years. Heavy sweating, fear and the urge to escape from the situation as quick as possible.

I don't hate people, I just feel better when they're not around.

Wether the liver and other organs are damaged or not depends on the doses and on how many different medications you have to take together in order to get along. The danger increases when you're mixing cocktails to party; I'm a bit worried about the New York lady.

Lolita, a few months ago you posted you were all clean and now you're back on the shit. What has happened?
Mark - I was miserable sober. When I started up again, I feel as if I started to live my life again. My 8 months sober I was in stalemate, it felt like. Now I dance at random, speak my mind (even sober!), make people laugh, have found a wonderful person. I'm just very happy. My aunt's boyfriend has HepC, they told him he'd die unless he got off the sauce. So he said to them, "I'd rather have 2 good years than 5 shitty ones." And that's quite how I feel, considering my physical therapist thinks I'll be in a wheelchair with very little movement in about 15 years. I can do exercises and whatnot, but I'm a chronic pain case and it will just get worse and worse. If I wasn't on this shit, I'd be on some other shit, aye?

esart - I only worry about my liver when it starts to bulge out. Then I switch over to water for a few days. Then it's right as rain.

Though, I am concerned about my kidneys (that's probably the pills), I have such awful trouble just pissing.

Black Swan - what is it you mean about the sister and orange juice? That's sounds interesting. Morphine never did it for me... I came out of my surgery in the recovery room (not the bar) crying in pain, screaming for meds and the nurse told me to shut up, I was on a shitload of morphine. I said, "WELL IT'S NOT FUCKING WORKING." She sent me home with hydro, but not before she wheeled me out to the car and I blew smoke in her face. I'm kind of a cunt.
The only time I ever complained about pain meds was after dental surgery. They were SO STRONG, they made me hallucinate profusely when sleeping so I couldn't tell dream from reality... from a mushroom trip.... from whatever....though I wasn't doing mushrooms....

It was actually exhausting how F--ked up I was those first 48 hours. And my cat stayed right on my lap to nurse me out of it, too.
Ahh... I miss that cat. He was with me thick and thin and drunk and sober and hell or high water.
Don't you love animals like that, man? My old boxer was like that, exactly. And Gus is like that. The downfall of my boxer being like that was that I opened the door high as fuck one day and didn't shut it fast enough. He bulldozed past me and into the road, into a young girl driving a van speeding like crazy who didn't even stop :(.
yeah I've got one of those cats too. They just seem to know. The wisdom of the centuries.
Black Swan - what is it you mean about the sister and orange juice?

Lolita, no magic recipe here. I am just saying that this would make you throw up for sure.

Don't be so hard on yourself.

When you quit something, most people expect a reward. It does not happen that way, it is the freedom from substance abuse

that is to be appreciated. Plus, the extra pills that you have to shove in your bra, just in case... don't look as if you have 6 nipples...

You can actually leave home without it.

Although, nothing wrong with a little high when you can enjoy it.
I assure you I have not quit anything, nor do I have any desire or interest in quitting anything ever again. I'm not hard on myself, only most of my blood relatives are. But, merci.
There's no shame in that, either. Really I don't think there's any shame in anything, as long as it's done out of honesty.
My gram had those when she was dying of cancer. Apparently they were magic, but I'd have never stole those from her, and never found anybody with another script for it again. I'd like to get my hands on some, someday.
lolita, are you actually diagnosed with anything to get pain meds from the doc? (just wondering)
I think so. I am, as she says, "structurally and bio-mechanically deranged both chronically and degenerative, in your skeleton". And, I have a flat spine.
Do you have osteoporosis? My father got it when he was older thanks to the chemicals he had worked with for thirty years; usually men don't get osteoporosis.
If I do they haven't said anything about it. Though, it would make sense. I'd like a fucking name for my condition other than that long bit up there I just posted, you know? The significant other thinks it's fibromyalgia.
she says, "structurally and bio-mechanically deranged...". And, I have a flat spine.
No such thing. Who told you that, a chiropractor? You might as well have a phrenologist read the bumps in your head, or have your palm or tea leaves read.
dr.mjp frequently gives free prostate exams.

as a community service. he cares that much.
Listen, I'm manicured and clean, so there is only a very slight risk of tearing, ripping, or internal bleeding. Enough with the hysterics already.
It is starting to get interesting. Maybe we could put it all together into some sort of Bukowski story.

Perhaps we can combine it with the reincarnation thread...
My life is a fucking Bukowski story. That's why I enjoy the reading.

Roni - yes, practice does make perfect. We've tried before, but the little guy is too little and my ass is still too tight. I've tried stretching it out with my fingers but to no avail, probably due to my hemorrhoids.
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