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Same old copy of Legs, Hips and Behind for sale again (1 Viewer)

This is a rare issue. Still, I'd rather have my mint unsigned copy than a signed copy in this condition.

It is certainly worth what they are asking for it. I'm not sure how much more than $99 it will go, though...

I bid $98 when it was about $60 Thursday night. Abe lists unsigned copies from $75 - $200; granted, probably in better condition than this. This is in barely VG, with a barely fair-good plastic cover. So, it makes it hard to figure. Buk's siggie on anything he wrote has to kick the value up ~$50-$60, and this chapbook is probably worth about $40 at most.

I'm wondering what the macadamia chip cookie crumbs are doing there, but it might still be worth a bit more. Maybe not...but Bill, I'd personally rather have a beat-up, signed copy than a pristine one that's unsigned. Maybe I'm an idiot though.
Perhaps the text from the description says it best:

"the chapbook itself has an indent on the back real not bid at all."

It almost sounds philosophical. I'm gonna go ponder that under my pondering tree for awhile.
A much more interesting line is:

"i only except paypal."

So, if I pay by any other method than paypal, I'm good, right?

I'd love to try to pay some other way and see the fallout...
Yup. I say go for it. It IS written expressly in the item description. There's just some things you should spell correctly... That's one of 'em.

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