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excellent look at the free jazz scene in NYC during the early '80s.

the music is great (if free jazz is your thing), but the conversations with Peter Kowald, the German bassist, and Charles Gayle, the American saxophonist are terrific. Kowald is a quiet skeptic, while Gayle is a rambling ebullient philosopher type. they touch on everything from race, money, to the differences between the American and European jazz scenes. no wonder so many black jazz musicians went to Europe to live. at the time of this film, Gayle was squatting in an abandoned building and playing on the streets for change. but he never complained about it, he seemed to love every second of it, while never romanticizing.

good stuff.
Well, last night I finally got round to watching my Pat Garret & Billy The Kid DVD.

I loved it! Kris Kristofferson, who I never knew acted until seeing this was damn cool as Billy the Kid and Coburn not surprisingly nailed the tough Sheriff Pat Garrett. And Bob Dylan...well let's just say his acting was redeemed by the awesome score. (to be fair his Thunderbird-esque acting kinda somehow made his character that bit more alluring.) much as I like The Wild Bunch, I think Peckinpah topped it with Pat Garrett. But my still my favourite Western will always be Once Upon a Time in the West. much as I like The Wild Bunch, I think Peckinpah topped it with Pat Garrett. But my still my favourite Western will always be Once Upon a Time in the West.

I agree with both of these statements.

although I think Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia is my favourite Peckinpah film.
I just watched and it sure is a Guy Ritchie movie.
This is the first of a trilogy.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I saw this morning.

It was quite funny and I was getting sick of Ben Stiller before this.
I don't know. I was going to say "remixes by anyone not involved in recording the music," but albums are often mixed by someone who was not involved in the recording.

What I was thinking of is all the modern "remixes" of Bob Marley's music. Or any other pre-1980's music the kids feel compelled to strip of their rhythm sections in order to turn into pseudo hip hop. It's like pouring melted cheese over broccoli to get a fussy child to eat it.

Heh, I haven't heard any of the said "remixes." I'm not crazy about Marley to begin with. For the same reason, I don't listen to Girl Talk. So many of his mash ups are like the last 7 years of bad rap put over 80s pop.
I'm trying too, but was it the 2nd time that made you like it? Or were you unsure the first time and then you watched it again and saw something that you liked better...?
JK Simmons in his small part was priceless.
Brad Pitt is a better actor than people give him credit for. (watch Snatch- Guy Ritchie Movie)
Frances McDormand is a great actress
John Malkovich well he's strange anyway but plays the part well.
I can go on and on. I liked the story and thought it was believable, especially the part about getting money for plastic surgery. It is what I think most people think the CIA is all about.
A very weird series I must say...


In my opinion, for a small, independant film with very little funding... it was great. Besides the fact that the Saw movies ripped this series off, I'd say it was 8/10. Has a very Aronofsky feel. You've got 6 people, each with their equally impressive, yet very diverse talents... all named after different prisons, in which their personalities reflect. We have a teenage prodigy, a mathematician, who must solve huge equations with only her glasses to get herself and the 5 others out of a series of cube-shaped rooms (some are booby-trapped with deadly devices, such as tear gas). We have a doctor, her purpose is to attempt to treat the injured and keep herself and the 5 others alive long enough to get out of the cube device. We have Quentin (obviously named after San Quentin Prison), who is a cop... a very violent, homicidal, opportunistic cop, who mostly just plays the antagonist of the film and keeps it interesting in the mean time. There are others, but the last person that stands out in my mind is Wynn, the savant. He is mentally challenged, but can solve large equations in his mind... when they get further into the cube, he has to help the teenage mathematician, who finds herself starved, sleep-deprived, and without a calculator. Highly recommended.


Shit movie. Not even worth your time. Nothing makes sense in sequence with the first one. No math, no booby traps, no insanity, very anti-climatic. Shit.


Cube 3... meant as a prequel. And suprisingly good! Answers your questions about the first one (most of them, anyway)... some of the plot is without, and not as good as the first one, but very good anyhow. We meet the men who "run" the cube. And one goes inside to try and save a pretty girl who he thinks he may somehow know. 7.5/10
I've only seen the first one. That was when it came out somewhen back in the late 90s.
Yeah, disturbing and interesting in a new kind of way.

I refused to watch the sequel, figuring the original movie wasn't supposed to have a sequel, so it would be a money-making screw.

But if you say, the 3rd one is good, I'll give it a try.
I saw Revolutionary Road on Saturday and it was actually really, really bloody good!

Di Caprio and Winslett gave very powerful performances...I didn't think it would be as emotional intense as it was but I must admit I was pretty gripped all the way through.

I don't even usually go for these kinda films, but Revolutionary Road...damn it had me on edge by the end of it.

a documentary about an obsessive collector. sound familiar? ;)

highly recommended.
there's you can watch today!

... but you're gonna watch it over and over again ...

Man i love this Movie.....

Although according to the GroundHog we got 6 more weeks of winter.
Of course you couldn't tell that here San Francisco were it already feels like spring.

Anyway Great Movie. There was a short released in 1990 called
which I think was an inspiration for Groundhog Day.


best known for his song Shake a Tail Feather, Andre Williams spent the last 30 years battling addiction, homelessness, etc., but has enjoyed a small revival of sorts in the past few years thanks to a few records produced by Jon Spencer (of the Blues Explosion) and successful tours of Europe where he's a cult hero.

this movie follows him around for a year, from a Motel 6, to small clubs, a tour of Europe, to the hospital, etc.

Williams is 70+, but he's still out on the road.

dig this one up, it's well worth it. or, if you are reading this and don't mind watching movies on your computer, it's streaming for one week at pitchfork.
the story of Joy Division.

Oh, an excellent movie !
But I think that Control is more than Joy Division's biopic in so far as Anton Corbijn doesn't portray Ian Curtis as the icon we all know but mainly focuses on the quiet citizen and the man he was. We are far from the rock star, Control is the story of a young man who becomes a talented musician with increasing success but who has not left his work yet (till a certain time), of a loving husband and father and before all, of someone unable to face up this so sudden success and all the turnmoils it causes. All his fragility is revealed. That is why I perceive this film more like a psychological study than a mere biopic.

The last great film I saw is :


The soundtrack, the setting, the characters, the depiction of an incipient love and the omnipresence of death ; Visconti subtly used all this elements to make a masterpiece.

I have not read Thomas Mann's book yet but the film is so perfect that I am sure that Visconti remained very (or maybe entirely) faithful to it.
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I have not read Thomas Mann's book yet but the film is so perfect that I am sure that Visconti remained very (or maybe entirely) faithful to it.
he did. excellent and faithful adaption.
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You're right about Control, Ambreen, I agree.
Also the sound and performing came amazingly close to the real Joy Division.
I just watched Changeling with that Angelina Jolie and a little part by John Malkovich. It is not a feel good movie but it shows how corrupt the LAPD was in the 20s. Angelina Jolie was very good except one scene towards the end of the movie. It was a scene that I don't believe even happened in the real story and should not have been included. Watch it will be the scene they show at Academy Awards show.
Clint Eastwood made the movie but you already knew that.
Number6 I saw that a few months ago and got a kick out of that. My wife picks most of the stuff. Tonite she got . She thought a thriller would be nice for a change. She is usually right so I will let you know. Julianne Moore is in it and we like her.
i saw 'the visitor' on a plane trip last year - really enjoyed it, but didn't realise it was directed by the same guy who did 'the station agent' (another of my favourites).
Number6 I saw that a few months ago and got a kick out of that. My wife picks most of the stuff. Tonite she got . She thought a thriller would be nice for a change. She is usually right so I will let you know. Julianne Moore is in it and we like her.

This is a movie based on the novel Blindness written by Jose Saramago a Noble prize winning self exiled Portuguese writer. I found the story to be excellent but the movie was too grim for my idea of entertainment. I liked Julianne Moore of course but it is not a movie you must see.
The dead girl (2008)

The Dead Girl is a quintet of stories about seemingly unrelated people whose lives converge around the murder of a young woman (portrayed by Brittany Murphy). The characters in the film are linked not only by their connection to her murder, but also by the difficult hand that life has dealt them. The film scrutinizes their inner struggles to overcome or surrender to their misfortunes.

Highly recommended by Ponder :)
I was just thinking of dropping that in here last night but figured someone probably already had. And now they have. But that is a very good one. The title sounds like a dumb exploitation flick, but it's a great movie.
Did you both watch the movie on tv or in the cinema where they don't give you
a 10 minutes break to pee, order a drink and smoke. the movie on tv or in the cinema...
I can't go to le cinema anymore, because the world is full of noisy, brittle cunts.

And every time I think, "Oh, come on, the world isn't really filled with noisy, brittle cunts, stop being so dramatic!" and try to go to a movie, I end up wanting to kill someone. Or many someones.

Because, you know, no one can just shut the fuck up for 90 straight minutes. I don't know why, but 90 minutes of silence just doesn't happen anymore. Anywhere.

So the answer is TV. For everything.
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