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I would recommend as a brainless very funny escape movie. It seems to even make fun of itself. It demonstrates how pot slows your brain down. Not a movie to watch if you can't handle a silly movie.
I can handle silly, but Pineapple Express was just not funny for me.
And I hate that in a comedy.
Okay I'm going to watch MILK. It's got to be better. Pineapple Express must not translate well into the Southern Hemisphere.
Well to be fair, all the (Aussies) who told me to see it said it was really funny. So it must be that I'm getting cranky in my old age and seeing people act like tools just doesn't tickle the funny bone like it's supposed to.

I wanna see MILK too.
I watched a great film last night by John Turturro called 'Romance & Cigarettes'. I was shocked that it turned out to me a musical, and I was even more shocked to find my self enjoying the film. It was a quirky film and I actually found myself laughing quite a bit through it. The cast was great as well: James Gandolfini, Steve Buscemi, Christopher Walken, Kate Winslet.

Overall I recommend. It was hardly even a musical to be honest. Not that there's anything wrong, but I often see musicals and movies in a different light.
Milk was good just for the sake of seeing Sean Penn prove he deserved to win the best actor Oscar.
It was also entertaining because we remembered when that was all happening- my wife was living in the bay area at that time.
4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days

If you're a fan of Romanian cinema (and who isn't!), you won't want to miss this bleak but awesome movie. The mood and mise en scene all the ain't-the-future-going-to-be-awful movies try to create is on full documentary-like display in this unflinching snapshot of a 1987-era Romania. The look is amazing, and the story will hit you hard as well. Not for the squeamish or easily distracted. It is brutally frank and unflinching in its depiction of some unpleasant (and some downright awful) human experiences, and many of the scenes go on for minutes without a cut or camera movement. But it is never boring.


What I learned watching the DVD "extras" - Romania has 20 million people and less than 50 movie theaters.
Spent a large chunk of St Paddy's Day watching The Seven Samurai. Oh yes.

Watched the Sam Peckinpah classic 'The Getaway' last night. Cool as fuck.
chronic, you were right: let the right one in was fantastic!

we saw it at the old and cheap theatre round the corner from our house... the one i mentioned upthread, the one we've lived next to for 8 months and never been to till recently... the one we realised is totally awesome and cheap and we want to go once a week now...

yeah well, we got home from the movie last night, talking about how great it is to live by this amazing theatre. checked my email and found a newsletter from them stating they're shutting down the business this sunday, for good.

the genital scar scene: did not realise this was actually showing that eli was a castrated boy (thank you, internet). also did not realise eli's voice was overdubbed because the director wanted a less feminine tone.
Glad you liked the movie Justine. I really liked the way they wrapped it up at the end. It wasn't shocking or anything... just totally unexpected.

Sorry to hear the neighborhood theater is closing, no doubt it will be replaced by some 24-screen monstrosity with $12.00 admission and $7.50 popcorn in the not-too-distant future.
This may have already been said so apologies, the thread is very long but I have seen a couple of good movies lately that I would recommend, one is 'Happiness' a rather dark comedy not for the easily offended and the other was 'Little Miss Sunshine', the ending is great!!
Assuming that we're talking about the same film, Happiness was excellent and not at all what you might expect from the title. I had seen Dylan Baker in a lot of films and he never made much of an impression. He absolutely nailed his role here.
Yes Chronic that is the film I'm referring to, I had no real idea what it was about when I sat down to watch it and was very surprised as you say it's nothing like the title!

Excellent movie!
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