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signed manuscript value.? (1 Viewer)

i had a signed manuscript. printed from an early 90's apple computer dated late in 93 . i have misplaced it, maybe lost it. does any body know how much these tend to be worth.? so i know how upset to be.? thanks
Wild guess: $300? If it was older, from a typewriter, maybe $500? These are just guesses -- I can't afford to collect such things.
There may also be a price dependence on whether or not it has been published. If it's lost, we may never know if it was published or not.
general price from that era is around $300 - $500 as david and bill said. your copy, however, is particularly rare - rather than being a unique "one of one" copy, it no longer exists (at least not where you can find it), thus making it the ultra-rare "zero of one" copy. i'd peg the price around 10K, but auction conditions may see it go higher. of course, that value evaporates the moment you find it, so if i were you, i'd stop looking.
The period is a declaration of positive thinking. Hope it turns up. You really should be beaten with a bag full of F. A. Nettelbeck's dirty underpants for losing the manuscript Darren. Just sayin.'
I imagined an unspoken phrase in the space between the period and the question mark. Something like:

hopefully it shows up. [That would be good, huh]?

Are you actively searching for it, Darren? I'm always looking for at least one thing in my house, usually a book that I'm sure I didn't sell or give away and suddenly want to read.

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