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Well, I talked about it enough, so I'm happy to announce it is finally here- my debut collection of short stories, the late season, published by Tangerine Press.

SH_TLS 6 (web).jpg

Three editions are available. A deluxe, signed with art:

SH_TLS (2) (web).jpg
SH_TLS (1) (web).jpg

a signed HB with print by Jeff Brouws:

SH_TLS (3) (web).jpg
SH_TLS (4) (web).jpg

and a trade paperback, with cover image by Jeff Brouws:

SH_TLS (7) (web).jpg

Pricing and further info here.

The trade paperback is also available at your friendly neighbourhood Amazon website, but buy from an indie bookseller if you can. Use abebooks!

Read a review here, if that's your thing.
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that's great. i've been struck by his writing since i first read that story about the dog. and "honeymoon" really stayed with me as well. in kind of ha

good luck - hopefully you'll get the bigger audience that you deserve.
in kind of ha? what the F?

sorry, i meant to say that the story stayed with me "in kind of a haunting way."
Reasons why I can't sit... is brilliant and touching. Each story becomes a favorite.
Read it on the Seoul train and kept making little weird sounds like little gasps and muttered wows.
I am sure my neighbours wished it was in Korean.
It took me six months to get around to reading this, and now that I have read it, I truly regret waiting that long.

I'm sure you'll take this with a thousand grains of salt, considering Mr. Hines is one of the people who runs this forum with me, but this book he's written is a god damned work of art. I read a lot of books, and I've written a word or two, and I can tell you that it takes something really special to get me to even take notice. But this book had me in awe on just about every page. Great artists make it look easy, effortless, and that's the way this reads, but I know that creating something like this isn't really effortless. It's a lot of work and a lot of craft, for lack of a less pretentious word.

I'm terrible at describing why I think a book is great, but this book is great. It's like a Bob Dylan album - you know, one of the good ones. A song will start and you're thinking, "What the fuck is this song about?" but by the time it ends you're on the floor and you feel like you've just been sent through a car wash in a bathrobe.

If you love great writing that is drenched in soul and humanity, you have to get this book. Go buy it now. If you read it and don't think it's everything I've said it is, I'll buy your copy and give it to someone with a heart.
Kindness among friends, that's what I thought when I read all the praise above. But it wasn't kindness. Not at all. It was more like a recognition of greatness. Because The Late Season is an incredibly well-written short story collection which picked me up from the first sentence. There is beauty and there is space and there is humor. And much more. Kudos to Stephen Hines.
It's a strong work. Even though I had several of the stories from earlier releases, it was a must buy. And the lettered copies are really a work of art. Both our beloved hooch (just schmoozing the mods here; don't get carried away) and Mr. Curran do fine work.
Damn. The Late Season. That story truly stays with me. I can't stop thinking about it. There's subtlety and it's brief and it speaks volumes. Also, it's just some sad guy hanging out, then it's so much more than that. I have a limited vocabulary and want to something profound but i can't. The story's really great. Thank you. That is all. At my next opportunity to read i'd like to finish the book in one fell swoop and start all over again.
I just want to relay this moment. I'm getting ready for work this morn and my 12 yr older's propped up on my side of the bed on his chromebook with his mother asleep beside him. Just as i'm about to put on my shoes & leave for the day i ask if he's seen my book. He hands me i don't know what from the piles. I clarify for him, "Oh, no. That one. The Late Season." He hands it over and i proceed to go on & on, as i do, about how it's a killer short story collection about humans & realistic life & stuff & it's authentic & so good & the stories are from Canada & grandpa's from Halifax in Nova Scotia." His response? "Dad, i'm glad you're reading again. You know 'cause you were stuck there for a little." "Yeah, i know dude. Thanks for noticing." And thank you again Mr. Hines. The last story left to read.
Yo Hines,

I'm sorry that I have not commented on this thread. I didn't even realize how old it was. At least I can bring it back to life. You are such an amazing writer. Because I haven't had time to read much of anything else while getting my book to market, I haven't read every story in the Late Season yet. When I finish it, I'll be writing a stellar review everywhere for you. The few I've read have knocked me off my feet.

But I wanted to ask you if you're working on a novel. ???
Very, veeeery slowly.

Always writing short stories. I have a chapbook of 2 stories coming out with Tangerine Press in the summer.

I have pretty much stopped writing poetry. For now. That could always change.

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