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So I'm not normally one for concert films... most of the time, I'd rather just dig out the audio and listen to that, but this Talking Heads release from 83 is just too awesome for me to ignore.

Anyone else a fan? I didn't even know who the Talking Heads were until my wife showed me this video a couple years ago (I know, I know, a bit behind), but I've loved them ever since.

The Blu-Ray release was a Christmas gift this year and I was shocked at the increase in quality. Both the audio AND video quality on this is spectacular. Now all I need to complete my concert films collection is a Blu-Ray release of Oingo Boingo's farewell show from 1995 and I can die happy...
...that film is known as one of the best live music films.
Because live music on film can't do much but fail. If you manage to do something mildly interesting it's hailed as groundbreaking genius.

"Concert films," music films, videos, TV performances - whatever - always fall short and ring hollow in comparison to the real thing. Watching the average concert film is typically painful, and at best, like watching a film of really great fireworks or the Northern Lights. You can see what happened, "Okay, I get it," but it's not the same experience.

Talking Heads always struck me as people (or a person) who took some very broad and simple ideas from the art world and sprung them onto the music audience as if they were profound creative miracles. And the bulk of the music audience - being unfamiliar with the art world - accepted them as miracles. But there's really not much there. Tom Tom Club was way more interesting to me than Talking Heads.
The people I know, who love the Talking Heads, ARE familiar with the art world, and THAT is why they like them. Me included.
Right, well I did say "the bulk of," not all. And I wasn't thinking of high-minded Europeans, but rather common Yankee slobs.
It's alright, mjp. It seems the Atlantic ocean is still a kind of a cultural gap. But then - we do have the dumpAsses here too! (Only, they wouldn't listen to the Talking Heads at all :-))

in my myspace-profile, the 'describing sentence' right next to my pic is from the 'Stop-Making Sense'-booklet:

Crime is a job. Sex is a job. Growing up is a job. School is a job. Going to parties is a job. Religion is a job. Being CREATIVE is a job."

I also used this quote in the mid 90s (when I WAS being creative to go with a self-portrait not too far away from the Warhol-style). That was just juvenile gamble and I miss the times, when I was capable of that.
I like the Tom Tom Club a lot but I don't think they had much good stuff after there first album while the Heads had a couple of good phases. I'm aware of art but I think they stand alone on their music which any kind of music/art has to do so eventually.

Also, the band at the time of Stop Making Sense was the least arty of all, I think. And that MJP is a poo-poo head for not liking them.
Well mjp is OBVIOUSLY a doo-doo head AND his taste in just about everything (minus fixies) sucks... but...

Where was I going with this one?

Oh yeah! Stay outta my booze!
you obviously haven't watched my nomeansno or harvey milk concert films. both are outstanding, with the edge going to harvey milk.

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