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Something a little mellow for mid-week...

Sublime - Pool Shark(Acoustic version)
I've been hearing this on a television commercial lately and decided to look it up. I'm generally not a fan of chorale music but I think this song really (and surprisingly) lends itself to it.

3) Scala - Creep

Wow we went a whole week with no songs posted... Well, here's my way of kicking off the weekend! I think you'd find it difficult to find a better hip hop song released in the last decade. Pretty good. Dare I say, the HIP HOP version of Sinatra's New York, New York.

New week(end)
1. Jay-Z & Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind
[This video is unavailable.]
From their last album

bonus: The Black Heart Procession are releasing a limited edition mini-album October 12 called Blood Bunny / Black Rabbit on Temporary Residence Limited.

Ponder! Always coming through with some nice choices! I love interpol, supposed to see them out here in Pomona on Oct 19th, but my friend is really sticking it to me, he wants 75 bucks for the ticket. But, I'm probably gonna go anyway.
he wants 75 bucks for the ticket.
That's a ridiculous price.
Tickets for their november concert in Amsterdam are $45. Still very expensive.
And they play at the heineken music hall which is a shitty location. And the beer is bad.
Thing is, they're playing two gigs here in the Los Angeles area. One big one at the Greek Theater, capacity about 6,000 and a warm up gig a few days earlier at the Fox theater in Pomona, capacity about 700 with an open floor and no assigned seating. Both shows sold out before we had a change to get the 40 face value tickets. My friend bought 2 tickets $70.00 each for the smaller show because he wants to be up front, off of craigslist. BUT, had he told me 70 prior to buying I wouild have said better find someone else to go with you! But anyway, I keep putting stuff up on eBay every other day, so maybe I wont miss the 70 too much.
3) King Crimson - Islands

[This video is unavailable.]

BONUS: King Crimson - The Letters

[This video is unavailable.]
5) Deadboy & The Elephantmen - Stop, I'm Already Dead!
[This video is unavailable.]

All this talk of vinyl lately had me thinking of the last vinyl I bought. Take It by The Wallets was the one and of course it was ripped off in that grand debased Romanesque setting known as college.
Gogol Bordello - Immagraniada
Great band, great song and a great video!
[This video is unavailable.]
9. E.S.G. - Moody

[This video is unavailable.]

overlooked hip-hop pioneers. from 1981.
I saw them play in NYC back in '80 or '81. A bunch of sisters as I recall? They were something else.
yes, 3 sisters and a percussionist who wasn't related.

you saw them? nice. I had dinner with Chubby Checker once. what? I told that story already?
Well, I was in NYC a lot during that time. What a hellhole it was. But a lot of music everywhere. I saw them at a rehearsal studio. It wasn't a club gig, but they were doing a regular set. There used to be entire buildings full of musicians on 30th between 8th and 9th. I think Chubby Checker had a studio there.


Ack! I just played that video. That's not the original version. Why would anyone kill something like that?

[This video is unavailable.]
very cool. that must be around the time you played at CBGB?

EDIT: you're right, that's not the original. I should have played it before I linked to it. the "Spaced Out" version I linked to was a remix done in '83 (I just looked that up).
Yeah. But we used to go to New York every few months to pound the pavement and foist our package on defenseless record companies, publishers, promoters - it was ridiculous. And funny. You can read all about it in my blockbuster memoir, A Passport and a Clean Pair of Socks, due out some time this century!
I have it, it just isn't digital yet. I should send my tapes out to get them done, but for what it would cost I could probably buy a cassette deck and do it myself...

Then you can all hear me butchering the vocal on 16 tons and being mercilessly mocked by a drunken Chicago audience.

The CBGB gig was funny because it was supposed to be the highlight of the tour, but our bass player broke a string on the first or second song so we had to stop, go change it (that's about a 15 minute ordeal) and then come back out. Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
Well, what do you think of the Robert Plant like moves, the chick, that riff!? I only said I wish I were Mark Gormley but what the fuck.
3. Son House-Death Letter Blues
[This video is unavailable.]

about Marky,
where are "the what not to wear" assholes when you need them!
I must say that the footwork was unexpected. Watch out! the tune sticks.
Little Wings is a doozy.
5. Chaka Khan and Rufus - Ain't Nobody

[This video is unavailable.]

because sometimes aging hipsters have to get their groove on. y'all.

to celebrate the kickassedness of Athenaeum and the small press in general, this one goes out to Bill Roberts, Justine and Jordan Hurder, and all other small press warriors laying suckas out.

this one is already on my ipod list here, but I'm putting it on again. I just read that Ari Up died. fuck.

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