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Can't remember if I've mentioned Krusovice (Czech Pilsner). A bit like Staropramen and Budvar but a bit nicer.


I did mention it. On the previous page :D In my defence I was drinking some at the weekend.
if you're hops fan look for Hop Stoopid (highly hopped IPA but with with some kind of hop extract as well). To me it's absolute candy. Sierra Nevada's fresh hops ales are also spectacular.
I saw some of that freshly hopped Sierra today, but chose instead a limited edition georgia brew with fresh wet hops from Sweetwater Brewery called Wet Dream Ale.

it's tasty. a bit more flavor than Dogfish Head 90 minute (which is awesome) but not as much punch. I'll try the Sierra next time as well as the Hop Stoopid...

that said, the best beer I've had in a long long time is in Asheville NC; Wedge Brewery's Iron Rail IPA. sorry, kegs only, in town...
Oskar Blues out of Lyon, Colorado...there stuff comes in cans, try "Gordon" a most serious ale, about nine percent, in four packs at your favorite packy
India Pale Ales and Stouts.
My personal favorites that are available in my area:

Bell's Two Hearted Ale (IPA)
Sierra Nevada Torpedo Ale
Bell's Kalamazoo Stout
Bell's Double Chocolate Stout
Founder's Breakfast Stout
Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast
I tried the sierra and the hop stoopid. both are very tasty. the floral notes in the hop stoopid are dandy.

I've seen the little cans, dunno bout them...I've never had a canned beer that tasted like anything but watery shit. and yes, I've tasted watery shit.

it's called budweiser.
Drinking a can of Bud Light right now and their is nothing wrong with beer that is actually beer and not bluebeery flavored-eat a fuck'n muffin for crissakes-or all these lard-de-dah microbrews.

Real men like Bopress drink Coors Light as well as I, not a real man myself but a tranny man at least.

So drink real American beer and not one made of Belgian waffles, remember Buk drank Schlitz until he got rich and drank German beer but he was born in that country so there you go.
Look, I'll drink Miller Lite, Miller, MGD, Coors, Coors Light, Schlitz, Schaefer, Narragansett, Milwaukee's Best, The Great Taste of Beer as advertised by Chris Schenkle, PBR, generic beer or the occasional rat's piss, but I will never again drink anything "Bud." I'd rather drink diarrhea directly from Charles Manson's ass.

Oh, and welcome back to MA. I'll bet you missed our Yankee shyness.
Myself and Justine (kidnapped) arrived Nov. 16 -drove from Calif and just got the computer going this week so that's why I've been MIA.

And yes it's good to back in the land of the politically incorrect.
I need to go visit MA. I've met many nice people from there and my ancestors were from around there. Most of all there is lots of great beer up there.

I worked for a politically incorrect guy from Boston who drinks Corona. What's up with that?
Corona is the worst Mexican beer I've had, rather have a Narragansett.

Come to Boston and me and Purple Stickpin will serenade you with bass duo versions of Xmas songs.
As crazy as that sounds it could be quite good. So long as slimedog is off the acid. Purple I'm sure is a formally trained bassist and slimedog I bet is self taught by ear but he did play bass on Hey Jude.
You guys should do a tour with dos.

This may be hard to believe, but I just sent a set of bass strings to Kira yesterday (she's quite active on a Rickenbacker site I'm a member of). They are southern CA-based; are you familiar with them or did you just do a search for two basses? I've never heard any of her music, but it is rather interesting to see her pop up over here.
They were both in punk bands, that's how I know who they are. But dos has been around here forever. Like decades kind of forever.
I saw Dos when I was 19 and completely lost in life. A big baby. I drove 2 hours to Santa Monica and then all I did was stand there with my thrift store shirt and my poser bowl haircut (the year was 1995) and stare at some beautiful girl in the crowd while K. and M. did their rabbit-hop dance on stage.

I got real bored. No drums. No noise. An intimate performance, two people on bass who loved each other in real life. Kissy-face, self-indulgent shit. I mean, I never heard their albums, so maybe they were good. Not that night, though. Not for me, anyway.

Afterwards, a bunch of people crowded around to kiss their asses. I hung out just long enough to give up on the cute girl and left, completely sober and alone. I don't know how the hell I didn't kill myself back then.

To answer the question posed in the thread: anything with alcohol in it. Nothing lite. Nothing fruit-flavored.

That's it.
As crazy as that sounds it could be quite good. So long as slimedog is off the acid. Purple I'm sure is a formally trained bassist and slimedog I bet is self taught by ear but he did play bass on Hey Jude.

Purple is into prog rock so I'm sure he knows his stuff, I was raised on 70's punk and playing in fifties music bands but I'll have you know I went to Berklee School of Music (heavy jazz school) at one point.

And I too know about Dos but I despise Rickenbackers with every fiber of my celestrial being.

I did start a band of five bass players a few years ago with the notion that we would never practice or play anywhere- I forget the name of it.
Not posting for the beer... yes, fuck you, it's a can of PBR and I'm not a hipster, just cheap with no taste and an ambition to get drunk.

The picture is for the metal Thermous Koozie. If you drink beer from a can (and fuck you ahead of time for putting me down), this is a must have. I even read a review on Amazon about a Marine who took it to Iraq. Basically, it keeps your beer nice and cool while you're passed out for an hour-plus and will not let the can fall over in the ocean breeze... For 20 bucks, it beats the shit out of Jesus and your favorite lap dancer...
Flensburger Pilsener. A beer from the brewery of my hometown. Well known throughout Germany and as you can see below it has even made his way to Louisiana. The guy in the video has a good sense of taste (when it comes to beer).

Yuengling Lager is just a plain old beer and i like it that way, a Philly beer and from "America's Oldest Brewery." The Philadelphia Brewing Company has a cool selection as well, a nice mix of seasonals and my other favorite, the Walt Wit.
"Traditional Autumn beer", good dark taste. Depense of the brand. No Heineken!!!

A variation of bock called 'bokbier' is also brewed extensively in the Netherlands and occasionally in Belgium. Most larger Dutch breweries, such as Heineken International, Grolsch, Amstel, Alfa Brouwerij, Brand and Dommelsch, market at least one variety. Most bokbiers tend to be seasonal beers (traditionally autumn, although there are currently also spring, summer and winter boks). They are among the only few specialty beers that existed besides lager for a long time. Microbreweries may prefer to seasonally brew a bokbier, such as the eco-beer biobok, made in autumn by Brouwerij 't IJ in Amsterdam. The consumers' organization PINT holds a bok festival every autumn at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam.


Beautiful first or last name, eh.
PhillyDave quite right my man, just referred to as "Canadian" in these parts. Pretty good stuff!

Have not heard of Mill Street Organic either, so I'll have to check that one out as well.

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