"The Shower" as seen in Born Into This

Can anyone tell me the source of the clip included in Born into This of Buk reading The Shower and breaking down?
Sorry! I should have been more clear. I was looking for the video source. As in, does anyone know which documentary/video that clip is from?
Will have to re-watch that one, but I definitely have it in the 1976-docu by Schmitt. (min 55 ff)
What makes one think, it's from Hackford, is because the poem is about Linda K., while during the time Schmitt filmed he was with Pam. Maybe Schmitt has taken that footage from Hackford. I may have a look at Hackford's later that night.


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I just checked "Born Into This" and it says 1976 Germany tv interview on a different segment where he's wearing the same shirt and in the same chair as "the shower" segment.

I was wrong about Hackford.

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... the 1976-docu by Schmitt. (min 55 ff)
So ...
"Charles Bukowski" - East Hollywood 1976
A film by Thomas Schmitt and Alexandra von Graeve
Thomas Schmitt / WDR (West German Broadcasting) / 1976 / 52 Min.

I do wish that the German (and other 'foreign language') documentaries would surface without the dubbing etc. I know its ... ignorant or arrogant, but English is the best. :?:

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[...] without the dubbing etc. I know its ... ignorant or arrogant, [...]
none of it. You're absolutely right!
I've just written a review of the 'Reading-in-Hamburg'-docu-DVD last week and complained a lot about that overdubbing. It's annoying, no doubt.