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I've never looked out at an audience from the stage and seen anyone sleeping, but I can't imagine it's a good thing to see. It could throw you off your game.

Unless you're Raffi, or someone else who sings to toddlers. Then, you know, it kind of comes with the territory. Your audience sleeping or crying or running up and down the aisles screaming and making everything sticky...
I guess I just couldn't yesterday. But here it is.

Boys Names That Start With the Letter M

What's in a name? Everything, apparently. Let's talk about names. And maybe accidentally touch on Google, bread lines, band flyers, getting married and losing your identity, inventing names, self-fulfilling prophecies, a heart surgeon named Becky, serial killers, recording studios, videos, Led Zeppelin, Dynasty hairdos, Target smocks, Devo, subversion, eating on $2 a day, cages, Sonny and Cher, and dog bites.

You see that? Here's a motherfucker so space-age that he listens to THIS IS NOT A TEST on his television.

So I don't want to hear any more of your weak excuses, "Oh, mjp, I can't find your podcast! Can you peel this orange? How do magnets work?"
Michael Jerome, got it! That was interesting .
I had been happy with Joe over the years but Marie Marguerite Lucie Jocelyne Des Forges ( the classic catholic litany) might give a unique flavour to my name from now on . Joe, how silly! ?
Putting the T into LGBTQ

Join me, won't you, for a lively discussion about disorganized garages, Denmark, girls with a baseball bats on their shoulders, broccoli, being pregnant without a husband, fluoride, Flip Wilson, wigs, unnatural amounts of contrast, the pinnacle of beingness, umbrella acronyms, chainsaw juggling, a nice pair of shoes, kids, rejuvenation, murder games, Casper the ghost, and, oh, I don't know, maybe one or two other things.

Right. Great episode. Ok. The way i look at it is, "Alright. I did not know. Now i do. Good for mjp." Regardless of what i have & haven't known about u, i do know you've always been a cool & interesting person. You continue to be. Cool.
Gracias, amigos.

I don't expect everyone to get it. I know it's a weird thing to drop on people.

It's disorienting. Like, well, if that can be true, what's real anymore?! What can I rely on?! THE WORLD IS NOT WHAT I THOUGHT IT WAS!!!

But here we are, and nothing has really changed.
Hey MJP, finally had some time to sit back and listen in on this month’s podcast. I just wanna say, love your content and fully support you. It takes real courage to publicly talk about this stuff. I'm still struggling to talk about my own bisexuality, despite belonging to a generation that is mostly accepting of it. Rock on MJP! Hope you the best.
P.S. my recent ex- girlfriend hated your podcast and Bukowski. So let's have a collective good riddance! And me and the dog did notice the skipped month on our nightly drives! We've got our own house now. Let's do us.
That’s great, Michael! Not great, it’s just beautiful.
I finally had the time to listen to it in peace.
It is courageous of you to express that part of your personality. You are two-spirited , as the indigenous would say, which was just a simple fact at a different time , and well accepted in certain tribes. They had specific words for trans ( berdaches ) and they believed that they had a special gift and magic. The kids in 2020 are rediscovering the wheel. ?
Ponder would have appreciated this episode because he’d always been gender confused (which is why he felt tortured most of his life).
He would have smiled, he admired your ‘lovely hair’. ?
Anywho, well done, I am happy for you.

I don’t believe I’ve seen you in that dress. Or I forgot...
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The kids in 2020 are rediscovering the wheel.
I owe everything to the kids. Their music is still awful, but they kicked the gender door down and went through without looking back.
Ponder would have appreciated this episode because he’d always been gender confused (which is why he felt tortured most of his life).
Here's to hoping that soon fewer of us have to live tortured lives because of who we are. Rest in power, Jan!
I learned a lot about the tribes that attribute shamanic qualities to those that have mixed-gender identities. Black Swan hit it when she says the youngsters are only reinventing the wheel. If anyone is magical it would be you, my love. ?
Hannah is a beautiful name. I like the choice.
Will Hannah now replace the old mjp - or will both exist parallel and posting each in their own persona, depending on subject and mood?
[the question is serious and not rhethoric, of course. If you haven't decided yet, no prob.]
I won't post anymore as mjp. That user (and name) is retired.
in some way, I find this sad.
I do like Hannah. But I also liked mjp. He was a swell guy. (You know what I mean)
Anyway, it's Your decission of course.
And I guess, things are still flowing and not fixed at the moment.
Whatever will be will be - where's this from?
Well, zobraks, I guess you've found A correct answer, but this Disney-honey&sugar-stuff was NOT on my mind.
I thought of a great song by Queen/Freddy - the name-giving-one from his legacy-album: INNUENDO
[that passage I've quoted comes at the very end]

But somehow I feel/fear like hijacking this thread now.
Maybe elsewhere more . . .
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are you keeping your extensive collection of O.J. Simpson memorabilia?
That was the first thing to go. At the indoctrination meeting, they made it pretty clear that shit wouldn't fly in the community.
in some way, I find this sad.
I do like Hannah. But I also liked mjp.
Yeah, I get that it's like a loss. Or a disappearance maybe is a better way to put it.

But I didn't like mjp, so that's what it's all about.

Boo hoo, right? Poor mjp. Ha.
Was the mjp moniker a choice to get away from the obviously masculine Michael? Or am I reading to much into things.

Also, Hannah is a great name. All the Hannah's I've known have been great people. So, you know, don't mess that up for me.

I kid, of course.
Was the mjp moniker a choice to get away from the obviously masculine Michael?
mjp came from the email address at my first real internet job. The nerds there started calling me mjp and it just stuck.

Changing to Michael was an attempt to get away from Mike, but after 40 years it was only partly successful. That might have been an attempt to un-butch my name, I honestly don't remember why I made that change. But I never liked saying Michael or Mike, so maybe you're on to something.

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