I went to but could not find where the play button was, so now I'm all Tasmanian devil-like, or Animal from the muppets-like, I'm going, "where's the podcast! Where's the fucking podcast...Gimme it!" Slurping and devouring noises can be heard.

Thanks! I just thought if I couldn't find it, some others who were just as dumb, wouldn't also. We have to be lead by the nose to a place where a triangle symbol resides and, if that weren't enough, it says, PLAY and hopefully BUTTON.
Adios Bukowski Forum

This one is about the demise of the Charles Bukowski forum, but then for some reason about halfway through I start talking about old-time independent record stores. Places like Three Acre Wood and Northern Lights in St. Paul, and Oarfolkjokeopus in Minneapolis. You might also hear me mention, if you listen real closely, the Prince "Sign "O" The Times" box set, jackassery, Alaska, telling the internet you're eating a hamburger, Instant Karma!, The Beatles, KISS, freaks, riding the bus, and accidental or coincidental fate.

My first thought was "Oh, Hanna's trying to bother me with that picture of mishandled vinyl." Then I realized that's selfish of me and it's really just a cool old picture.
Rural Juror

Let's bid adieu to 2020 with a heartwarming tale of sitting on a small-town jury. Did you know adieu means "to God"? So when we bid adieu to 2020, we're really saying, "To God with 2020," when maybe what we really mean to say is "To hell with 2020." Which would be to bid "en enfer" to 2020. But if we said that no one would know what we were talking about except the French, and who really cares about them? I mean, I like their baguettes and some of their cheeses, but if I'm being honest, I can live without the rest of it. All that Frenchness over there. And if you think about it, the hard outer part of a baguette is pretty rough on the gums and hard palate, so that doesn't leave much to recommend France or the French. Okay. Rural juror. Here it is. Oh, and near the end I say, "I had to try to laugh," when what I meant to say was I had to try NOT to laugh. Selah.


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