Unknown Bukowski pictures?


It's obviously that way.
I know for sure, that this photo was shot by Allen Ginsberg.

Going back years here.... I looked and it seems that this WSB photo is by Malanga, not Ginsberg. I can find no attribution to A.G. at all. Maybe it just looks the same. He does have archives of some other photographers, but not Ginsberg.


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Anyone know if that is to bleed the radiator? Do they even have radiators in LA?
Not steam radiators like you'd have out there or in the Midwest. Mostly electric wall heaters here, especially in apartments (that must be his Mariposa apartment). That does look like a valve though, or maybe a cheap pipe repair. A hot water pipe. Where the plumbers at? Chime in! Ha.
I'm no plumber, but that looks like a water pipe, not a steam pipe. Water pipes are fairly narrow (~3/4") to maintain pressure in the system whereas steam pipes for radiators are much more wide (~1.5-2") because the steam essentially pressurizes the system through the act of becoming steam. That looks like a repair that needs a calendar over it. :rolleyes:


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Are those actual Levi's rather than his typical jeans from Sears? Hell hath surely frozen over.


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Officials say drugs may have played a part
Bukowski at the premier for Barfly at the AMC Theatre in Century City. This doesn't fit exactly with his recollection in the novel Hollywood (Chapter 44, pages 220-224), which I think it was one of the more entertaining parts of the novel, but here he is with wine in hand.




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I like the old photos; young Buk.
I like both old & young. The pics of him older remind me of my grandfather in good & bad ways...a lot.

Previously unknown picture of the side of Bukowski's head, 1987.

Taken the same day as the Penn/Madonna pic in the photos section of the site.
I read somewhere that Joe Henry the musician grew up & went to high school with Madonna. That's how he met his future wife, M's sister...anyway. They, Joe & Madonna, turned eachother on to Buk's work back in the 70's apparently. So she more than knew who Buk was & is/was a fan.
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I thought the caption said mandarines..
These WERE mandarines indeed.

The story in short is, that Buk had a biiig bunch of those from the trees in his garden, filling up to two huge trash-cans (AFTER Linda took to the 'Dewdrop-Inn' as much as she could use as long as they were good). The time was March 1980.

He didn't know what to do with them and Benno Käsmayr, who was up for a visit at the time, suggested to simply bury them. That's the process we see in the picture as well as in the following one:


The guy helping Bukowski in the pic is not Benno, but Rainer Wehlen, the translator of the German edition of 'Shakespeare Never Did This'.

(I'm sorry, I can't find those pics in color right now. They must be on a very old hard-drive or CD-R/DVD-R, since it's over 10 years ago, when Benno sent me the original photographs to scan them. The reason I easily found it in b/w is, that I've published this one in our yearbook of 2004 (p.58) along with the background-story written by Benno himself.)
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Officials say drugs may have played a part
Good catch My grandfather was the same way -- he even wore dress shoes. I think they just saved their old dress clothes for yard work. My dad still wears his old dress shirts when has to spray stuff, paint, or handle brush.


Does anyone recognize/have quick and easy access to a photo:

I think Buk is sitting at his typer, and on the wall next to him is his shelf overflowing with published little mags, zines, etc?

Is it even real? I'm convinced I remember seeing it once (but maybe I imagined it)...


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It's real. The shelf is bending under the weight of what's on it, yeah? Don't remember where it is though.


Here is the bigger version of the same photo (from Amazon):

Yeah I know it looks smaller than BS's photo, but it's a thumbnail: you have to click on it (and on an arrow, and on a magnifying glass with + on it) to get the original size.
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