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Officials say drugs may have played a part


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A couple of pictures of Bukowski with Marco Ferreri (the director of Storie di ordinaria follia) and Ben Gazzara (actor):

Gazzara, Bukowski, Ferreri.jpg

It was a large room with a row of tables covered with a long plank. The whole crew was there, Bellini, Garabaldi. ... Lots and lots of Italians,
most of them small and thin. Except for Bellini who was very short and very wide, and he had a nice human interesting face. Garabaldi was in
bluejeans with a beard to look like me and I was clean-shaven with a Brooks Brothers coat, new slacks and shined shoes.

Ferreri, Gazzara, Bukowski.jpg

Ben Garabaldi was standing next to me. He just stood and held his wine cup in his hand. In an interview a year later he was to tell people that he had drunk me under the table. I suppose actors imagine whatever they want to.

I don't remember seeing the first photo before, the second is more famous.


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^ a new favorite. Like I've said before, reminds me of my grandfather, Pop 'E' minus the beard & complexion. Poetic but not a poet. 2 yrs older. heavy drinker, moody, messy childhood, wandered, "worked"
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Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
A couple of years back, I was looking for a German copy of "Dear Mr. Bukowski" and Roni was nice enough to put me in touch with a guy who I assume was the publisher. The gentleman was very nice and included some extras, including this book and the photos inside. The language is German and maybe Roni can explain further, but it seems like this are outtakes from Horsemeat. Sorry if some of these have been posted before, but it's basically impossible to know unless you look at every thread:

Congrats Pogue, that's a nice little book. When I ordered a copy at Roni's Bukshop two or three years ago, I had to pay almost $60 for it...
The book is a beautiful piece of art, a first edition that was published in April 1995 - 13 years before the story ('The Other') came out in Portions.

Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
Well, Roni drinks a lot and has to pay the bar tab somehow... My apologies, as Stickpin once said, there is only one rule around here and I just broke it...
That's alright.

When the publisher - it was Benno Kaesmayr of Maro, again - has so many copies in his stock, that he's able to give them away for free with another sale, I am happy he did. (He absolutely IS generous and always has been.)

But when I offer a rare, first-and-only-edition, out-of-print-book in an online-shop to the general public, I have to think about a prize that VALUES this rareness and specialness of a small-press-print in hardcover that has a short-story that's Not been published in the US until over a decade later and comes with uncommon photographs. I still believe, this was a reasonable prizing. And I still hope you are glad with this little gem, Andreas, and are proud of it.

The other side is:
When I ran this shop, I even beat amazon.de at the prizes for the regular English trade-editions. I fought Goliath.

Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
I actually gave this book away last week to a German. I sent him one of 2 copies of a paper New Years Greeting I had ($12 item). I said it was fine, but he took a pic and there was a dog ear (I guess I didn't look at it closely because I got it in a deal with a bunch of items). I gave him a refund, but he still wasn't happy because he didn't have the book. So, I sent him the mint version, the hardback mentioned here, a copy of Bill's broadside "I Saw a Tramp Last Night", a badly edited postcard-sized Martin broadside, and one pic from the 5 postcards that BSP put out. I still expected him to bitch because he was very dramatic in his messages and on his eBay profile, but he sent a very nice note instead. I don't know why I sent him all that stuff -- I guess maybe I just wanted to counter his bitching with generosity. Or maybe I heard that Bobby Bare song "The Winner" earlier that day...


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Thanks, Petey! - That's an interesting photo of Buk. He usually did'nt stand during a reading. It looks like it's from the late 60's.


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It's deja vu.
You spend a lot of time on this forum, but you don't really trawl through it too much. :wb:

BTW, Abe Frajndlich photos of Bukowski are pretty much iconic (although not quite like those from the refrigerator session, with Georgia and barbells).

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