Unknown Bukowski pictures?

Ahh this thread is incredible. I love seeing all these photos! I only know a few of the really famous ones to this is a goldmine. Thanks guys!
As I am learning, it seems that Bukowski could be more of a misanthrope in general rather than show a disdain specifically to women. Either way, simply because his outlook may have had it's uglier sides, doesn't mean the photos documenting his life aren't interesting, and it doesn't mean I'm not allowed to appreciate his work for other reasons. Does it?
No, of course it doesn't! There are many rooms in MJP's mansion. Misanthropes, klepto's, those with progeria
and even vegans have been treated graciously. The only caveat I've seen is hippies must use the bathroom off
the foyer, and no plushies in the grotto. S'all good.


As I am learning, it seems that Bukowski could be more of a misanthrope in general rather than show a disdain specifically to women.
You should have learned that long before you tried to badmouth the man (in your very first post in a forum dedicated to him and his work, of all the places.)
I doubt this is the correct thread for this zobraks, but really I thought the whole point was to come here to learn things, not have to learnt all the important things before arriving :) No 'badmouthing' was intended, merely questions posed.


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The back of it states "1964". I looks a bit like being from the same series as these:

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My wild guess would be New Orleans.
These appear to be from the Nash collection @cirerita linked to...

He's leaning against his 1957 Plymouth in one of them, so unless he drove to New Orleans, they would be from Mariposa or DeLongpre (and vicinity). My guess would be DeLongpre, since I don't see the three story Mariposa building in any of them.

(I'm not sure the dates given for the photos on the site are correct - the one in the dark shirt sitting at the kitchen table in the Mariposa apartment is dated 1966, but it's clearly taken the same day as the one earlier in the thread that he signed to Sherri Martinelli with a 1963 date...)


The site lists that these are all public domain photos that are being offered. I have a couple questions:

1) Who was the photographer?
2)How can they be public domain? I know that pre 1923 is public domain as is anything that is photographed for the US Government (or in most cases). These seem to be from a photoshoot in the 60's. Seems that someone owns copyright to them.


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The "Nash collection" is huge, and they say it's all "public domain" photos, but I think that would be difficult to prove. Nash also wanted the photos to be freely available to the public, so I'm not sure how selling them accomplishes that. Anyway, it's good to see them.


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Nash is/was quite a character. He published Bukowski a few times in his Literary Times in Chicago. I think Bukowski sent Nash all those pics for possible inclusion in Literary Times, Cold Dogs in the Courtyard, and other small press publications.


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I remember Bukowski mentioning in a letter somewhere that Nash sent him a flask Hemingway drank out of? Is this correct?

Great photos by the way!


word from Nash who also sent a flask Hemingway took a slug from, and now it’s mine, a nice gift, and it will see use, good use
(to Douglas Blazek, late April 1965, Screams from the Balcony, page 150)

Nash is/was quite a character. He published Bukowski
J.R. Nash wrote a nasty piece on Charlie (Bukowski) too.
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the goddamn download-button that goes with each pic!



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Nothing on that site works. You can't register a new account, no download - it's a mess.


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I was willing to buy some of those, but that site is so badly broken that you can't even give them your money.
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