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From this.
I don't know who is managing the Herb Ritts estate these days, but someone is constantly ripping new Bukowski images to the point where I question whether they are even worth anything anymore. All kinds of sizes and formats -- and the prices are all over the place too.
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For some reason, that photo looks like something from the Barfly era (or perhaps a few years earlier). For what it's worth, in addition to Montfort, some of the photos in Barfly: The Movie are credited to one Andrew Cooper. Just tossing that out there as a possibility. Nice photo though.

All that aside, it also looks like it could well be a Montfort shot from around the Horsemeat era.
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. . . Anyone want to take a guess?
just a quick wild guess, without checkin' the possible sources:
to me it looks like a screenshot (or parallel photograph during filming) of a Buk-Docu.

Have two in mind:

#1 – the interview with that Belgian/Flemish[?] or Dutch[?] guy with the curly hair, who seemed to not get Hank's own suffering in "Women". (Buk replies like: "Man, I don't know where you get your concepts from." [not verbatim] )

#2 – (less likely) from the Tapes of Barbet Schroeder.
I was waiting until I got a couple of responses before I posted the back of the photo. It came from the Daily Telegraph. If you look closely at the photo I posted, you'll see crop marks. So, I'm thinking Roni is on the right trail. They probably got it as a publicity photo and then later used it for his obit. Hats off to Roni, a true Bukowski subnormal.


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