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Father Luke

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Nice pic, FL! I don't think I've seen it before. Where did you get it?
Christopher Felver is the photographer, and I'm not sure as to the origins, or circumstances surrounding the shot. The year is easy enough to guess, and all that.

Here are some more that you may have never seen:


(Bigger shot here: http://www.harnqvists.se/pressbilder/Bukowski1.jpg)


(Bigger shot here: http://www.harnqvists.se/pressbilder/Bukowski3.jpg)


(Bigger shot here: http://www.harnqvists.se/pressbilder/Bukowski2.jpg)

This is going to have to be my present to everyone this year. As Manny Hyman may have noted. . . well, maybe Manny may have noted something about the economy.

As far as where these photos came from, well maybe someone can translate. This language has funny writing: http://www.harnqvists.se/?sida=press&usg=__8yYYtZ7U1A9x82VsuL7MmQT05lM=

Excellent stuff, Padre! A wonderful gift; one from the heart that you know won't be the wrong size or the same thing you got from your Aunt in Ohio. That second one looks like the photo from The Flash of Lightning...; probably from the same session. All of the others are very unfamiliar to me.

Lolita Twist

Ooh, thank you Father Luke. Those are very nice!

And, vodka, I do agree. But I'm a sucker for the pics of him with the tiny, topless girl on his lap ;)

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