Unknown Bukowski pictures?


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I kid u not, physically that looks so much like my grandfather. He was built exactly the same and only 2 years older than Buk. Similar drinking & smoking habits as well. Had a very shitty father too. It's starling. Pop-E was not a poet although he did say a few choice things such as, "Take the hotel towels. Signal left, turn right. And post-date your checks." Looking like the above pic he used to sit on his chair in his vegetable garden drinking quart bottles of beer and pass out in the sun. If they met they would have been friends...or they would have beaten each other to a pulp. I can't look away.

P.S. - I just noticed I'm wearing the same exact fucking watch, Pop-E's watch.
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Abord the Yorikke!
Edgewater Terrace in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles.



“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
Actually I think I printed out the article and read it at lunch way back when. Cool pic too.


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Good question. It's the same photo session as the picture that used to be on the front of the main site:


I don't think it's San Pedro, it doesn't look like any pictures of that house, but it doesn't look like any pictures of Carlton Way either.

Could be taken at someone else's house or apartment...?


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I always thought Carlton Way, but the bookcase confuses me. It doesn't look like the Carlton-Way-bookcase you see on other photos.

Probably someone else's place.


I believe the last two photos were taken in some place in Europe, Bukowski used to dress that smart only mainly when he visited The Old Continent.
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