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Clearing out some duplicate and unwanted stuff. It's headed for eBay unless someone wants some of it here. Postage (to U.S. only) is included in the price.

1971 - The Black Sparrow Press - A Checklist - $18
Cooney. The first 100 BSP publications. softcover, perfect bound (flat spine), some sunning to the spine, which is typical for this title, otherwise perfect. First and only edition (I think there were 800 made).

1981 - A Bibliography of the Black Sparrow Press 1966 - 1978 - $45
Morrow, Cooney. 300 page BSP hardcover first (and only, I assume) edition.

cirerita [STRIKE]1972 - Stonecloud #1[/STRIKE] - $10
Long Bukowski interview not collected in any of the interview books. Not in excellent condition, but pretty close. 1 inch wrinkle in front cover, rough spot near spine on rear cover.

hank solo [STRIKE]1977 - Hustler (October)[/STRIKE], short story 3 Chickens - $10
excellent condition.

cirerita [STRIKE]2003 - Bukowski: Born Into This - Magnolia Pictures 15 page press notes.[/STRIKE] - $10
Two pieces about the film, process and motivation written by director Dullaghan, Bukowski bio, trivia and quotes. This accompanied the VHS review screeners of the film that were sent out when it was released in theaters.

cirerita [STRIKE]1990 - Village View[/STRIKE] - $10
Westwood CA weekly, Mary Ann Swisler's Bukowski interview (Bukowski on cover). Folded across the middle and somewhat yellowed as most weekly newspapers are. Never seen one of these on eBay.

Purple Stickpin [STRIKE]circa 1884? - Scarlet: Aren't You Going To Kiss Me Goodbye?[/STRIKE] - $100
See it here. The infamous and cantankerous Red of Baroque Books in Hollywood made up a few of these when he was trying to sell the letters stolen from Pam "Cupcakes", "Scarlet", "Red" Miller. Interesting more for the history and who made it than the contents. If you have Scarlet, this should be on the shelf next to it, right?

1994 - Contemporary Literary Criticism #82 - $45
30 pages on Bukowski. Great condition. Is ex-library, but it was a reference book, so no one could check it out. It doesn't look like it saw much reference use either. Big hardcover. Weighs a couple of pounds, so I'll have to send it media mail (unless you want to pay more for priority).

I also have less-than-perfect first editions of Last Night of the Earth Poems ($20) and Dangling in the Tournefortia ($15) available, if anyone is looking for an affordable first. Booksellers would call these very good (but booksellers are weird) - I call them acceptable.

I might have more later. I'm trying to weed out the shelves but everything I pull out I end up sticking back in; "Oh, no, I need that...can't let that go..." It's sad, really.
I've been slowly clearing my shelves too... but I also find too much of that "gotta keep this" kind of thing... Ugh, its a disease.

That Scarlet piece is nice looking, I hope it finds a nice home!
Interested in - Hustler (October) 1977 and maybe the Black Sparrow Press Checklist.
The first response for this stuff was via PM, but it was kind of non-specific, so I'm waiting to hear back. I'm not ignoring you guys.
Don't be ashamed, you are among your own kind.

I won't wait forever to hear back on the original offer, so I'll let you guys know something tomorrow.
RE: "Scarlet: Aren't You Going To Kiss Me Goodbye? ... The infamous and cantankerous Red of Baroque Books in Hollywood made up a few of these when he was trying to sell the letters stolen from Pam "Cupcakes", "Scarlet", "Red" Miller...."

mjp: maybe I missed it, but did Red know the letters were stolen when he was trying to sell them?
I would guess not. He was probably presented them, bought them and never gave it a thought. Red was notoriously tough to deal with, but likely very unwilling to carry anything that was known to be stolen.

The little I know about the fate of the letters is not my story to tell, and all third-hand knowledge anyway. But what Red or the eventual buyer knew or didn't know is a moot point, since we can't ask them now. More may be said about this one day, who knows. Like a lot of these stories, you'll have to choose the version that suits your preconceptions. That's all we can do in the face of so much mystery and secrecy. One day we'll all be dead and your kids can discuss these very important issues that we do not dare speak about now.
mjp, I sense you're not a big fan of groundless speculation. I have a bad habit of wallowing in it myself, and I forget that not everyone wants (or needs) to run with every wild theory that comes along. My two favorite games are "could of should of would of" and "what if."
I'm not a fan of unnecessary secrecy, and I see a lot of it surrounding the people who were close to Bukowski. But I guess it's not unnecessary as far as they're concerned, so what can I do.
Okay, I've edited the first post to show what's been spoken for. As I said, the prices in include U.S. shipping, but I have to charge you filthy foreigners and extra $5. Because that's how we roll in the states, baby, we nickel and dime you to death. How do you think we became as financially successful as we currently are?

Feel free to PayPal all your money, and your family's money to [email protected].

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