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Lolita Twist

This should be interesting.

Lolita Ginsoski is a long story. I'll make it short. Basically, we were fuckin' around one night and came up with obscure names for ourselves. Lolita is a Nabokov allusion - Ginsoski is Ginsberg & Bukowski combined. Hubby came up with Raskolnikov Ginsoski - I believe the first name is an allusion to Dostoevsky?
Bollocks. Your poetry is real, you know?

Ginsoski is Ginsberg & Bukowski combined. Hubby came up with Raskolnikov Ginsoski - I believe the first name is an allusion to Dostoevsky?

Not to be too literal (but I am), but I would have thought that a true combination of Ginsberg and Bukowski would be more like Ginsowski. And yes, Raskolnikoff or Raskolnikov was the protagonist (if you will) in Crime & Punishment.

As for me, I stole Buk's wife because she wouldn't eat snails.
Knuckle Head It's just that easy.

My job took my first name away and my last name is pronounced 'hate'. The result works and the dog speaks for himself.
My user name is my initials, with the fine edition of a smile(y) at the end. I used to REALLY love smiley-faces, obsession with them as a child.(yeah, the 70's). i keep going with them in the hope that they will protect me from my own growing cynicism and bitterness. Cindi B.:)
I like the hooch, I'm year of the monkey, and my favourite number is 9, which was Ted Williams' number (my favourite baseball player).

but my user name is also an everlasting beacon of my stupidity. when I first got the internet I thought I was creating a password for something, but I was actually creating a user name. and it's not like this was 1989 and I was just a kid. it was 1999 and I was 31. I didn't get a computer until 1998.

so to remind myself of my stupidity, every time I need a user name, I use hoochmonkey9, just to keep me humble. heh.
Ha ha... don't you fret, I can and have stomped people's heads in. I'm the proud owner of three teenagers, and I manage a staff of 16+ people... Christmas here I come...:)
Mine came cus an ex gf, when she met me she said that I looked like Harry from Third Rock of the Sun; the Last name stuped was a combination from "stupid & Eddie"

it's kinda lame when I think about it....
:p mieh, whatever...
French Stewart

Nice! Not lame Eddie.
You're a priest? :eek:

And the reason for some of us for sticking here. Bukowski? Nah...

CRBSMILE: Ha! I also thought you were a guy. Can't say why.

'Pichon' is Spanish for young pigeon. The first woman I chat with was a gorgeous Argentinian brunette, and she kept calling me that way until we personally met. Then I became 'Keepyourhandsaway', but that was too long for a nickname, so...

I was born in (19)64.
I'll throw in here. Buzzcat don't mean much. I'm one of those cats that digs being buzzed.
The term in my life first showed up in the final line of a poem I wrote at a bowling alley bar a couple days after I moved from NC to WI. "Here's to the buzzcat!" it said. It was totally out of context of the rest of the poem. Kinda like my life.
HarryC13 came about when I first became an AOL member sometime in the 90s. I tried HarryC as my user name, but it was taken. So was HarryC1 and HarryC2, so in a typically impatient move I just said fuck it, I like the number 13. So HarryC13 was born. Pretty boring.
Pretty boring tale here as well. Carver's Dog is the name of my blog which, in turn, was taken from a true-life story I wrote in '06 called Carver's Dog about a guy I met in L.A. who tried to convince me that his mangy mutt was the offspring of Raymond Carver's pet hound.
it's like this:

dictionary results for: vodka, this definition referring specifically to the infamous member of Bukowski.net
Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1) - Cite This Source - Share This
"‚ "‚/vaadkae/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [vahdkuh] Show IPA Pronunciation
1. elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action.
2. a pleasing or attractive quality or endowment.
3. favor or good will.
4. a manifestation of favor, esp. by a superior: It was only through the dean's grace that I wasn't expelled from school.
5. mercy; clemency; pardon: an act of grace.

see also: Jen, Jenifer, ms. vodka, vodkafamilywinston
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