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I looked up Norman Rockwell for some reason or another and found a painting I liked so I adopted a smaller version. If I can get a decent pastel self-portrait I will prolly upload that.

this forum rubyred posts on (yeah, she cheats on all of us) is overrun with those misspellings... things like: wau, cuet, teh, moran, etc.

"prolly" is just a streamlined word, "teh" is a common typo that is often used tongue in cheek, "moran" is prolly a joke about an infamous political sign that read "get a brain morans" although it could just be a word they use that also applies to them, the rest is just idiocy

I can give consultation on lol speak for 4.99 per minute with "additional" services for a fee per service. Some conditions may apply. Offer not valid in CA, WA, or outside the U.S. and Canada.
I'll be honest and admit that the story behind my name is pretty pathetic.

Basically a large part of what I do where I work is converting & uploading tv commercials onto our website. I just happened to be uploading a COCA-COLA advert called "Hidden Formula" when I was signing up here, and I was stumped for names so I used the first thing that came into my head, which was the title of the Coca-cola ad that I had just finnished with.

So yeah, basically I am a product of mass-capitalism. Go me!

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