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Pray along my fellow Catholics
and recovering Catholics :

Hail Mary,
The Lord is with thee...

I work for the racetracks and
"no. 6" is one of my favorite Buk poems.
Lick The Star is not only a great term for analingus (not how I intended it), but also a short film from Sofia Coppola. I've used this name for years and years (though I've seen plenty of others around too) and I just stick with it because its all my video game addled brain can remember...
I lived on 4th in Vancouver for years, above Black Sheep books and close to Black Swan Records. Black Swan simply popped up.:p
Nothing personal, but I've always wondered why people type in baby talk, like akshully and prolly. It reminds me of people in the 60's and their crazy beat language. Re-inventing English for the masses! That never really caught on. For good reason.

Can someone explain the appeal of purposely misspelling common words to me? Is it the new pink? The new punk? I don't get it.
black is the new black.

but i've heard a rumor recently that if you get dissed by someone on an internet forum you can freak the fuck out.

watch out, mjp - i know cardio kick boxing.
but i've heard a rumor recently that if you get dissed by someone on an internet forum you can freak the fuck out.
I wasn't dissing you personally (was it even mean? If so, I need to recalibrate), you just happened to do it this time.
*coff* <<-- you see! you see!

well, sometimes people just think it's fun.
even if it isn't. even if they Know it isn't.
people do strange things.
strange people do strange things.
And we have a LOT of this kind on board.
naw mjp i was just playin'.

i don't know why anyone does it any more than you do. i've just found that after five years on internet forums or whatever it seeps into mey vocabulary.

just one of those things i guess.

but i still can kick your ass with cardio kick boxing.
this forum rubyred posts on (yeah, she cheats on all of us) is overrun with those misspellings... things like: wau, cuet, teh, moran, etc.
i think i should, given that i had never heard about lol-speak before and need to get my tips on what topics relevant to internet trends i should research from you.
sorry, i'm in a rotten mood because i crashed on my mountain bike today and am in a lot of pain. ignore my tempter and sour disposition for now, please.

I'm a know-it-all, and assume everyone shares my
enthusiasm for every topic I happen to be thinking of at
the moment.

lol speak is partly the answer to what mjp
was asking about, and explains the slang you
and ruby encounter.

Anyway, sorry to hear about your day.
Hope tomorrow is better.
my last name backwards. I used it as a disguise here for quite a while. Now it just feels right (or would that be left being backwards?)
I thought it was a running heart?

On another forum I go on, Music Banter, I have a rather large picture of Buk having a lot of fun with a relatively hot chick. We all know that photoshoot.
...i crashed on my mountain bike today and am in a lot of pain.
I used to ride in Topanga canyon, up a few miles of road and a couple thousand foot incline from my place to the top of the canyon. Many times zipping noiselessly back down the blacktop at 45 miles an hour I wondered what would be left of me if the bike or the rider failed. I wondered the same thing when rattling down the rocky fire roads in Topanga state park and ridiculously unsafe speeds, never - naturally - wearing a helmet or any sort of protective gear.

Luckily I never found out how those falls would feel. Sorry you did. Hope you weren't going too fast or dropped on too rocky a spot.
I never had a nasty spill, but I did have a good looking one. I hit a root that I didn't see going at a pretty good clip and I went ass over tea kettle over my handlebars and I almost landed on my feet. almost.
another time I was whipping down a trail and blew both of my tires on the same rock. I only had one spare tube on me and the holes were too nasty to repair. I had to walk 8 kms with my bike on my shoulder.
but never seriously hurt. hope you are ok.
it was a stupid crash- i was riding up a steep rocky section and realized i wasn't going to make it up... but i had to unclip with my weak foot, which i'm not used to, and so i didn't get out in time and fell onto a bunch of embedded rocks, and then rolled down the hill ungracefully. the guy i was riding with was laughing until he realized i was hurt. i feel better today though- just a sprained wrist and some bruises on my leg.
Mine is easy to explain. When I quit a few drugs earlier in my life ( I was about 21 ) for the first time, a friend of mine said:" Now you start the post toxic part of your life."
Yet it has a deeper meaning to me about life experiences. Some of them are post toxic.

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