When the Mob strikes (1 Viewer)

Reference point: The Godfather and the scene in which Michael Corleone guns down Sollozzo and the police chief in the restaurant, leaving the gun at the scene.


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Using the same weapon for multiple murders potentially ties those murders together, since every gun barrel leaves unique markings on the lead of the bullet.

Or so I've heard. You know.


Well, if given the choice between 1) having or 2) not having a murder weapon in your possession...I'd guess the wise choice is probably the later.


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...and after you've thrown the gun away, remember to take a shower and clean your fingernails. Vinegar is said to be great to wash the minute gunpowder particles off of your skin. Throw the clothes you wore away too. gunpowder particles clings to clothe as well. You would'nt want Nick Belane to be able to prove anything, right? :D
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