yearbook of the Bukowski-Society 2011/12/13 - OUT NOW!!! (1 Viewer)

the HUGE triple-number of the yearbook of the Charles-Bukowski-Society 2011/12/13 with one part in German and one in English, containing exclusive contributions by Bukowski-experts, some of which are well known regulars here, like David, Dora, jddougher and myself.

It's dedicated to Carl Weissner and has two different interviews with him (one in each language-section) as well as a short memoir for him by Linda Bukowski.

Look down for a detailed ToC.


Table of Contents:



Roni (Bamberg)
Bukowski - Quo Vadebas? Quo Vadis?

Roni (Bamberg)
Der gefälschte Bukowski

Judith & Friedrich Bahmer (Münster & Bremen)
Die Schönheit des Schimpansen – Bukowskis Haut
(Vortrag auf dem Symposium 2011)

Friedrich Bahmer (Bremen)
Bukowski und die Parasiten
(Vortrag auf dem Symposium 2012)

Judith Bahmer (Münster)
Selbstkastration bei Buk und Hem
(Vortrag auf dem Symposium 2012)

Janina Budde (Bochum)
Kastration des Mythos - Zu Bukowskis 'Fuck Machine'
(Vortrag auf dem Symposium 2012)

Rolf Gran (St. Augustin)
"You write bad poetry!" - Buks Konzeption von Lyrik
(Vortrag auf dem Symposium 2011)

Rolf Gran (St. Augustin)
"The Captain's out to lunch..." – Bukowski & Crumb
(Vortrag auf dem Symposium 2012)

Marie Allnoch (Mainz)
Dekonstruktion der Männerrolle…

Michael Fuchs-Gamböck (Dießen)
California Dreamin' - Wo starb eigentlich Charles Bukowski?

Michael Fuchs-Gamböck (Dießen)
Carl Weissner – Nachruf und Interview

Roni (Bamberg)
Drei Fragen an Tom Buhrow

Presseschau 2011-13



Linda Lee Bukowski (San Pedro, CA)
Dear Carl
(for and about Carl Weissner)

Jay Dougherty (Bethesda, MD)
Bukowski and the Germans
(excerpts from an Interview with Carl Weissner)

David Calonne (Ypsilanti, MI)
On Some Early Bukowski Poems
(address held at the Bukowski-symposium 2011)

David Calonne (Ypsilanti, MI)
Bukowski as Genius: The Romantic Conception of the Creative Artist
(address held at the Bukowski-symposium 2012)

Robert Sandarg (Evans, GA)
American Picaro

Dina Moinzadeh (Paris)
Fingers, hands and feet: the fragmented body-poetry of Charles Bukowski
(address held at the Bukowski-symposium 2012)

Dina Moinzadeh (Paris)
The Poetics of Space in Bukowskis poetry
(address held at the Bukowski-symposium 2011)

Kevin Ring (Coventry)
Buk and Vaughan Williams

Joan Jobe Smith (Long Beach, CA)
Beer Can in the Garden
Endlich! \o/

For those newbies who are unfamiliar with the Bukowski Society, here is a sample of previous articles, both in English and German:

Right at the bottom, there is something I wrote 2 years ago and which is included in the latest yearbook -you can see it as a sort of sample.
If you're not put off by dry, academic writing, then here is also the direct link:

(hope you don't mind me meddling Roni :rolleyes: )
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Ponder, I guess your postal-adr hasn't changed, right?
Thanks Petey.
Dora: I hope it doesn't come back to me so I'll have to pay the shipping-cost twice. Having your name on the letterbox is always good advice. Even a simple piece of paper taped on it will do better than having nothing. Next time you move, you know.
been thinking about it.
maybe I will. he once said, he likes the professionality of our publications.

anyway, the reason why I most likely won't do it is, I have to pay for every copy (and shipping) and as long as he doesn't ask for it, I can't afford to just give it away.
He'll know about my article. I don't need to inform him.

I assume you're referring to Der gefälschte Bukowski, or The fake Bukowski, which isn't in the English section?
[...] or The fake Bukowski, [...]
blame it on googletranslations:
"der gefälschte" should be translated into: "the faked" or even much better in this case: "the falsified Bukowski".

I guess you're assuming correctly, that this J.M.-reference was the intention with both, Petey and me, yes.

Even though this article is in the German part, it doesn't lack clarity and - obviously - the comparisons made are in the Original language (English).

attached is a scan of said article!

btw, mjp: a copy of the physical book is on the way to you.


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Roni: I did put my name on a piece of paper on the second day, did not know your yearbook could arrive so soon. BUT if you ever need to send it back it will be on me: Let me know if it comes back and I´ll make an Überweisung the same day.
[...] Let me know if it comes back [...]
so far it didn't come back. maybe we're lucky and you'll get it soon.
(this is the first time, I'm happy about the usual slowness of our postal services when it comes to deliver books (Buchsendung).)
@roni, I received this giant phone book of a thing you call jahrbuch. Nice work (as always). Thank you.

I wish Der gefälschte Bukowski was available in the English section, but it's good that it's out there at all.
It is too bad that some of the material is only in German, but there's much good stuff in the English sections (and photos, as well as English copies of poems, poem extracts and letters, etc.) in the German sections), which have gotten longer over the years. Since I consider Roni's work and the Society to be important, I recently acquired a full run of these little gems:

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I received [...]
seems the postal service took its time (again). it looks like even packages that have been sent at the same day and from the same place (in Germany) arrive at very different times in Calif.

I wish Der gefälschte Bukowski was available in the English section [...]
me too.
but my skills with the language didn't allow that.

I'd definitely be available for a co-operation with a native speaker to transpose my article into the English language.

[...] I recently acquired a full run of these little gems [...]
He did ... and let me add now since it's the moment to do it:
Mr. Stickpin has been DONATING to the Buk-Society a couple of years ago and did so Again Now!! (that is on top of purchasing the yearbooks)
Thanks a Lot, babe!
You should have the 10 yearbooks in your "bundle" section. Make it easier for people to send you their money. ;)
fine idea.
unfortunately, people usually don't even buy One of the books,
[let alone the thought of selling a whole bunch (our Purple was the First one ever to ask for a full run).]

I have tons of Bukowski-books in my storage, not only the yearbooks, that have been victims to the dust for years. I'm not a good seller.
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sometimes it's neccessary to keep you going on with basic things like paying the rent, let alone giving you the freedom to breathe and do work like this.
But sorry - didn't want to sound like Jon Webb.
Well, what I was getting at is that I'm assuming that the Society is not your source of income; you have another job for that. So selling for the society is a burden to keep the society going, but selling is not a burden for your survival. But I understand your connectivity with the Society.
I guess this is getting a bit stupid from my side now (and also leads away from the meaning of this thread) + ABOVE ALL:
You (purple) are one of the Last persons, I could argue about that issue, since You have been donating to the Society twice and in addition bought the whole run of the yearbooks.

But even though you're right here: "the Society is not your source of income"
[it is an officially accredited NPO, so it Can't be my 'income' by definition. (Fact is: I've even been putting private money into it for years to keep it going at all)]
you're wrong here: " have another job for that"

Anyway, my point is: I am running the Bukowski-Society.
Have done so for years. Without me, it would have been gone long ago. And without me now - it will go.
This is the reason, why keeping me running (at all) is the very basis of keeping the Buk-Society running.

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