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Michael here...brand new member of this excellent site. I just read You Kissed Lilly from Hot Water Music. I re-read certain parts and I am coming up short. Would someone shed some light on this story? What am I missing? I know there is some deeper meaning in the story but I can't come up with anything. Please help. Thanks and I am so glad to be a new member.
Welcome, Michael. Sometimes the story is just what it is; no deeper meaning as such. Then again, I'm not necessarily the most insightful person on Earth. But if you are missing something, it might just be a jealous shackjob coupled with a propensity for occasional debauchery and all the pageantry that comes with it.
Get married and stay with the same woman for 10 plus years then the whole thing will be perfectly clear. There really are plenty of men who go through that exact scenario. Like Buk said elsewhere: There are, at any given time, 50,000 men in america who must sleep on their stomachs out of the fear of having their genitals chopped off in their sleep by insane wives. Paraphrasing of course.

Lily is a brilliant story because it captures the essence of an old marriage in middle age: the man no longer desires the woman, and she in turn blames him for the whole world turning to shit. A man by nature rolls with it, (in Lily, he begs her to just stop so he can sleep); a woman by nature needs to solve all of the tiny details and receive some validation or emotional closure. It devolves rapidly into violence.
A very similar story (either in Hot Water or South of no North) is the one with the Jockey married to the six foot woman. Ends differently but the same brilliant dynamic that many married men have gone through after being married for a long stretch.

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